Chapter 1

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Nina Dobrev as Stella Dallas
Nash Grier as Nash Grier
Cameron Dallas as Cameron Dallas
Lily Collins as Lexi Hillson
Jack Gilinsky as Jack Gilinsky
Jack Johnson as Jack Johnson
Madison beer as Madison beer

P.s there may be more people along the way😁

Enjoy 💞

(Stella's POV)

"Omg Cameron I swear I'm not gunna do anything at Lexis party!" As you can see I'm arguing with my brother Cameron about my best friends Lexis party.

"Stella swear your not gunna do anything!"
"Yessss Cameron I swear and you know I don't like my full name!"

Cameron rolled his eyes," Fine stell."

I ignored Cameron and waited outside for both of my friends Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson to pick me up.

I was about to call them until I heard a car beep, finally.

I went up to Jacks, Jack g's car.

I opened the car door to bump heads with Jack J.

"Oww what the heck!" I heard Jack G laughing his ass off. He better not be recording this.

I looked up to see Jack J having the same reaction as I am. I got in the car and sat down rubbing my head.

Jack J and I just stared at each other with a serious look and then we just started laughing.

"I was going to get the door for you but obviously you didn't see me."

I laughed even more,"Well I couldn't see because of the tinted windows, duhh"

We finished laughing and it got quiet.

"Soooo, Stell have you found a boyfriend yet.

I just looked at Jack G,"No I haven't and plus I don't want to."

Both jacks stared at each other,oh no here comes the question.

Jack G coughed," have you lost your vir-"

I cut him off," no I haven't and please don't ask me again, have you?"

He nodded. I looked over at Jack J he just nodded.

I opened my mouth in disbelief," Thanks Guys now you made me feel uncomfortable.And when have you got a girlfriend?" I asked Jack J.

"Oh it's been 1 year."

I huffed,"You guys don't tell me anything, you make me feel SOOO specialllll."

I felt the car stop. I guess we're here.

Both of them looked at me," We're sorry we promise you we'l tell you things from now on."

Jack j pinched my cheeks," Ok liwwle Stell?"

"Ok ok you can stop pinching my checks now."

He let go and we got out the car.

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