Ch. 2 Accidents Happen

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On Monday morning, I made my way to all of my classes. As usual, they were pretty boring. They weren't teaching me anything I didn't already know, which was surprising to me.

When I finished at school, I went to the diner and changed in the restroom. Then, I clocked in and got to work. I turned to take an order at the bar.

The gentleman from Saturday morning was sitting there, smiling at me.

I walked over and smiled, "You're back. I thought you would've skipped town by now."

"Not yet. I'm here for work," he smiled.

I nodded and smiled, "Black coffee to drink?"

"Yes, ma'am."

I got him his coffee and smiled at him. "Ready to order?"

"Yes, ma'am. I'll have the BLT. Can I have the mayonnaise on the side?"

"Absolutely. Anything else?"

"No, ma'am."

"You can call me Britt, you know," I smirked.

He nodded, contemplating it for a minute. "Okay, Britt. If we're on a first name basis, you can call me Jake," he smiled. His eyes twinkled as he spoke.

My breath caught. Unable to speak, I nodded and went to put his order in. I took another couple orders and put them in. When his was ready, I took it to him.

"One BLT with mayonnaise on the side for Jake," I smiled.

"Thank you, ma--Britt. Thank you."

I nodded and went about my work.

I wiped down tables and counters, then I went to clean the milkshake machine.

Of course, having the luck I had, the machine began spazzing. It shook and made an awful grinding noise before the whole front piece tore off, smacking me right dab in the face. The sudden, hard impact knocked me into the floor.
Milkshake mess went everywhere.

My boss came from the back. "Britt, what the hell have you done?!" he shouted.

"I was cleaning it and it malfunctioned. I'm sorry. I-"

"This is coming out of your paycheck!"

I was about to speak when someone spoke up, "Sir, that's not right. I watched the whole thing happen. It wasn't her fault."

I looked up to see Jake, standing right by the entry to behind the bar.

My boss looked at him. "She broke it, she repays the damages."

"But that machine malfunctioned yesterday as well. This wasn't her fault and you know it."

Yesterday? He was at the diner yesterday, too? Three days in a row? Why?

"The money for the repair has to come from somewhere. Our milkshakes our one of our best sellers. It has to be replaced."

"Then, I'll write you a check. If anyone here deserves compensation, it's her. The damn thing cut her, for Christ's sake."

I looked down at my hand to see a big gash.

Panic surged through me. Oh, no. I needed my hand. I had final exams soon. I had to use my hands. I needed them for my career, which was starting rather soon.

I tried to get up, but slipped and fell again.

The next thing I knew, Jake was around the counter. He put his hands to my armpits and lifted me up. "I've got you," he whispered, lifting me up and onto the counter. He looked at my hand. "This is going to need stitches."

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