The Birth of A Dragon (Prologue)

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Screams filled the room as Ozai and his brother, Iroh rushed in. "What's happening?!?!" "Lady Ursa has gone into labor." "Already?! She wasn't due until next month!" Ursa screamed as she gave a final push. "It's a girl!" Ursa smiled as one of the servants handed the baby to her. Iroh smiled at his new niece, however Ozai was more concerned with the small red streak among the baby's raven black hair. "What's wrong with her hair?" Everyone looked at the small child in Lady Ursa's arms. "Oh it's probably just a bit of blood. The poor little thing is covered in it, I'll go clean her." Ursa nodded and gave the child to the servant. "Iroh go with her please." Iroh nodded and followed the servant out of the room. 

Iroh's POV

The young servant girl carefully washed the child. "Huh? Well that's quite peculiar.." "What seems to be wrong?" "Well, I cleaned her, but the streak in her hair won't go away. I should go inform Lady Ursa and Prince Ozai." "Let me see her." The girl looked at the baby and nodded. She handed her to me, I held her carefully in my arms. She yawned and stared to open her eyes. My eyes widened as I saw her small golden eyes. "How is this possible...." I muttered to myself. "What's wrong General Iroh?" I looked up at the servant. 'She'll tell Ozai if I tell her. For now I have to keep this a secret' I thought to myself. "Oh nothing. The streak is gone, it was just a bit harder to get off." I told her as I turned around. She smiled and offered to take her back to Ursa and Ozai. "I'll do it." She nodded and left. I walked back to Ursa and Ozai. "Here she is." I said handing her to Ursa. "Have you decided on a name for her?" "Kaida. Her name is Kaida." 'Little Dragon. Yes, that she is.' I thought as I forced a smile. 

Three weeks later

Third Person's POV

Ursa was rocking Kaida, when a certain young general came into the room. "Ursa." Ursa looked up and smiled, "Iroh. What brings you here?" He shut the door behind him and knelt next to Ursa. "Do you know about The Dragon?" "Oh, Iroh please don't tell me another story about-" "Ursa! I'm serious! This is about Kaida!" Iroh yelled. "I know." "What? You know what?" "Kaida is the first Dragon in over 1,000 years. She already showing signs that she can fire bend. Zuko didn't start showing any until he was 3, even Azula didn't start showing signs until she was 4. Kaida is special. Also I've already talked to the Fire Sages. Kaida will begin her training when she is old enough just like her brother and sister." "What about Ozai?" "Ozai has no idea about Kaida's ability. And, he shouldn't know. Ever." Ursa looked at Iroh. He nodded in agreement. "Iroh, I trust you and I trust that you will keep Kaida safe." Ursa place Kaida in her crib and walked over to one of her drawers. In her hands, she held a necklaces and small stone statue of a red dragon. "I want you to keep these and give them to Kaida when she is in need of them." "But-" "I fear I won't be around much longer. Iroh, I need to tell you something that you can never tell anyone. Not even Kaida." "I promise." "Ozai is not Kaida's Father." 

Eight years later

"KAIDA!" A high-pitched girlish scream erupted from Azula's mouth as Kaida snickered to herself. Azula was currently covered in mud considering her younger sister had just poured a bucket full onto her. "I'm telling Father!" Azula huffed and stomped inside the palace. Kaida jumped down from her perch on the roof and skipped over to her brother who was currently sitting with their mother under a tree. "Kaida, why must you bother your sister so much?" "She's always saying how she doesn't mind a bit of mud." Zuko snorted, but quickly composed himself after his mother shot him disapproving look. "You shouldn't be mean to Azula, Kai. She'll tell father." Kaida tch'd as she sat down. "She already is. It's not like-" "KAIDA!" Kaida jumped up and stood straight as Ozai approached her, Azula was trailing behind him smirking. "Yes, Father?" "Come here. Now." "Ozai, Kaida was just having a bit of fun." "Be quiet! She is going to be punished. She needs to stop with these silly little games and focus on her bending. Kaida, you are going to spending the rest of the week away from your siblings and practicing. Do I make myself clear!" Kaida nodded. Kaida walked away and towards the practice room. "Kaida, what brings you here?" "Hello Grandfather. My Father wants me to practice my bending." Azulon nods.

Two days later

"Kaida." Kaida awoke with a start and saw her mother. "Mom?" "Kaida, I have to go away for a while. Promise you'll be good and always stay with Zuko. Do you understand?" Kaida nodded, Ursa smiled sadly and kissed Kaida's forehead. "Go back to sleep now." Kaida nodded and fell back into a dreamless sleep. The next morning she found her brother and sister standing with their Father. "Kai. Come on." Zuko took his sister to get dressed for the ceremony. "What's going on?" "Azulon is dead, Father is going to be the new Fire Lord." Kaida was speechless as she followed her brother.

"All Hail Fire Lord Ozai!" The chanting continued as Kaida knelt beside her brother and sister. 'Where's Mother?' Kaida thought to herself as she searched for her mother among her father and siblings. 

Two years later

Kaida, now 10 years old, stood next to the tree she used to sit beneath with her mother. "Princess Kaida. It is time for the Agni Kai." Kaida nodded and followed her uncle. She stood between her uncle and sister as Zuko approached. Kaida's eyes widened as she saw who her brother would be facing. "No. No, uncle you have to stop this. Zuko can't fight him." Iroh looked at her with sorrowful eyes, "There is nothing I can do Princess Kaida, Prince Zuko has already agreed to fight." Kaida turned back as she heard her brother plead with their Father. Everything slowed down as Ozai started firebending, Zuko sat frozen in fear as the flame came closer and closer to him. Azula smirked, while Kaida stood there watching as her brother received his punishment. "This should show you some respect boy!" Ozai yelled as he got ready to scorch his son again. However, the ball of fire never made it to Zuko. Instead, it hit the wall behind him. "What?!" "You Monster!" Kaida yelled, however the thing before Ozai was not his youngest daughter. Eyes like that of a dragon, fire hotter than that of the sun, voice of something like a demon, and a single streak of red in hair as black as the night sky. " You'll Pay!" Kaida threw a fire ball at Ozai, and another and another. "You evil creature! You are no daughter of mine! Seize that retched thing!" Kaida turned her attention to the soldiers who were starting to surround her. With a yell, Kaida surrounded herself with fire and attacked all of the soldiers at once. After the chaos, surrounded by injured soldiers, Kaida laid in the middle. "Prince Zuko is hereby banished from the fire nation! And, either destroy that thing or lock it away!" Ozai commanded as Iroh went to help his niece and nephew. "Uncle. What happened to Kaida?" "Shh, prince Zuko. We need to get you help right away. Can you stand?" Zuko nodded weakly as he stood. Iroh gathered his niece into his arms like the day she was born and carried her away as Zuko and he walked to the infirmary. 

Prince Zuko stood on a boat next to his Uncle as he watched men bring stuff aboard his ship. "Prince Zuko?" "I'm going to find the Avatar and restore my Honor. Make sure everyone is ready to set sail in a few hours." Prince Zuko walked away and down to below the deck. He walked into one of the rooms and closed the door behind him. Kneeling next to the bed, he held his youngest sister's hand. "I promise Kaida. I promise we'll come back home again one day. I'll do whatever it takes to protect you." 

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