Liu:Okay gotta finish my hw!..............first I'll get yogurt. *gets yogurt and then eats*

Liu:Okay gotta finsh my hw! Maybe just another one! *gets another yogurt and eats it*
Okay gotta go my work............I need more,I can't learn on an empty stomach!

*gets 10 yogurts and finshes all of them*

Liu:*mouth covered in yogurt* You need food to survive!

*gets more yogurt and puts it on his face*

Liu: *crying* ahhhhhhh I need to!!!I need to

Slendy:Liu aren't you studying!Why on earth is there a bunch of yogurt on your face?

Liu:IM HUNGRY!!!!!!!

Slendy:*locks him up his room*

Liu:Noooooooooo *smashes hand into walls*
I WANT TO LIVE!!!!!!!!!!

note:this idea is not mine I got it from danisnotonfire!Tbh.....he's bae!!!!

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