Imagine 1

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'Babe, go outside!' You got up off your bed and ran out to the balcony off your room. You looked down to see Zayn smiling up at you. "Zayn! What are you doing here?" You whisper yelled down at him. "You're coming with me! Get down here!" He replied. You knew what he wanted. He wanted to spend the night with you. You slipped on some sandals and grabbed your phone and flat key and you were out the door and into Zayn's waiting arms in less than 5 minutes. "I missed you." He said into your hair. "I missed you too." You replied taking a step back and getting into his car. He drove over to the flat him and the boys were staying at. "We gotta be quiet. The boys don't know I'm gone." He took your hand and walked through the door. You shut it behind you and walked into the living room. You almost made it to his room. The lights flicked on and you hear Louis yell, "AHAAA!" All the other boys were around him. You hid behind Zayn blushing bright red. "Sorry guys, I just missed (Y/N) so much!" He said to all of them. "(Y/N)'s here!?" They said all running to you and giving you a hug. You and Zayn walked to his room and cuddled all night.

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