The bad boys girl

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Ethan's pov

"Lily!" I ran down the streets of Paris towards a shocked Lily, she looked beautiful in the snow the pale white snow fallen on her dark hair, the cold air made her checks go rose and everything about her made her look more angelic.

"Ethan I told you to leave me alone, why are you here?" she asks as I stop a foot away from her.

"I'm not leaving you' I say in a cocky tone she raises her eye brow now this reminds me of the old Lily.

"But what if I don't want you here King?" she tilts her head 

"I told you before I don't take no for an answer ' I step closer

"I don't care what you take for an answer King, you are supposed to be up there. In the apartment with a girl who just declared her love to you!"


"Don't play dumb with me Ethan King, Nina just said I love him not ' Loved' which is past tense 'love' as in present?"

"Why would that matter to me?" I ask

"Because you love her, you said " she says in a quite voice

" No I used 'loved' past tense and beside the girl I love is standing in front of me' she looked up shocked and I move closer to her all I could see in her eyes were felling of lust and desire and I couldn't take it anymore. I yanked her towards my chest she gasped and it made me smile, she is weak when it comes to this she's scared but she wants it and so do I.

Before I knew what I was doing I had slammed my lips onto hers nearly knocking all the wind from my lungs. She only had a moment to react but she did in an instance, she pushed her toughen to the seam of my lips and granted access happily. He arms reached up and tangled around my neck, but as soon as this kiss started she pulled away and arched her body into my chest. I looked at her and smile she the landed back in and kissed my lips. It was quick but made me want more. I wrapped my arms around her hips a bit more and drew her closer if it was possible.

"I know I shouldn't say it and I wont but I couldn't let you leave without you knowing how I felt, I want you Lily"

"Ethan King ..." she whispered and it sent shivers down my spine "why did it take you so long?" she smiled and I couldn't resisted but kiss those lushes lips one more time.

"You can stop kissing me now" she says against my mouth I smile

"I don't want to there like a drug, you are my drug and I cant get enough" I go back to kiss her as she laughs' pause and pull back

"Maybe we should go back" she reset her head on my chest.

"I don't want to, because it will be like wakening up, I don't want to wake up from a dream just to be put into a nightmare."

'Well we have each other now, I'm not letting you go not even to Daniel" I say and she looks up.

"So what dose this mean?"

"Lily Reed, will you be this Bad boys first proper girlfriend," she and I aks smile

"Well I'm going to have to think about that she moves out of my grip and walks away but I pull her back. Putting my chest against her back.

"Please." I whisper which makes her shiver" I cant live without you princesses" I kiss the bottom of her neck forgetting we are in public.

"Of course King" I almost didn't notice, but I turned her around to see her blushing. "What?"

"Are you sure? I know I'm not perfect but you have so many guys at your door..." she puts her hand on my lips

"I have never been so sure. I want to be the bad boy's girl" and I smash my lips onto hers this is one of the best Christmas ever.

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