Victoria's Secrets

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I paced up and down the office. This was possibly the single greatest disaster in vampire history. Victoria was on the loose, and no doubt she'd be pretty damn angry when she finally caught up to me. My first port of call was the asylum to try and establish who it was that had broken her out. The guards remembered that someone with authority had visited and the paperwork was legit, but their minds were blank as far as names were concerned. I cursed.

Memory manipulation was a trick that only leaders and their security were allowed to know. It was mainly used when humans had seen something they shouldn't have. Apparently the process was reversible but the memories would take a few hours to restore. I left one of my guards in the asylum with a diamond rifle in case she returned, taking the other two with me.

"You need to set up a search party. Cover up to ten miles from the Palace in all directions. She's fast, but also predictable. She's most likely to come straight here and take me on personally. Leave no stone unturned." The guards nodded and left to conduct their task. I sighed. This authority business was getting to be too much stress. I'd never even asked for this job; all I wanted to do was protect my family. "Look where that got them..." I muttered to myself. "Ashley's dead, and Victoria's a wanted fugitive who'll probably be executed on sight."

Three hours later, my guards returned with a map. They informed me of the scale and showed me that the shaded areas were where they'd searched with no success. I studied it closely and noted that there was an unshaded area within the ten mile radius.

"Why's this unshaded?" I queried.

"Well, that's the sea. We didn't search there, obviously."

"It's not obvious to me, why didn't you search there?"

"How could she be hiding in the sea? She'd drown." I smacked my palm into my face in frustration.

"Are you seriously that stupid? I'll dumb it down for you. What is drowning? It's where you're underwater and can't breathe. What are we? Vampires! What do we NOT do? Breathe! So how the hell could Victoria, a VAMPIRE, drown?" My guards fell silent for a moment.

"Well.. It sounds silly when you put it like that..." I growled and stormed out, Elizabeth and Fletcher hot on my heels. If my guards were really that brain-dead, then no doubt Victoria was hiding in the sea somewhere. Elizabeth, Fletcher and I dived down, but for the first few minutes we could see nothing but clear water and fish all around us. It was Fletcher who finally figured it out. He nudged me and whispered.

"It's the fish, look. Can you see any pattern in the way they swim?" I studied them carefully and grinned as I figured it out. The fish were swimming in all random directions at varying speeds, but there was a certain point that they just wouldn't swim through, like there was an invisible barrier they had to swerve to avoid. I glanced at my family. We didn't have a clue what we'd find in that square, but we knew it wouldn't be pretty. They both nodded and I took the first step inside.

We'd stepped into a tunnel that was lit by old-fashioned torches, the light flickering creepily against the walls. I turned around to the entrance, only to see what looked like a wall of water standing straight, as if there was something blocking the entrance and the water was just flowing over it. We stayed side by side as we stepped through the tunnel, each of us keeping an eye out in case Victoria was lurking, ready to attack. Finally the tunnel opened up into a cave, lit in the same manner as the tunnel. We wheeled around in shock as a draught blew behind us and extinguished the torches, then did the same to the ones behind our backs leaving us in the darkness. We tensed up, waiting for Victoria to pounce. Suddenly a solitary torch burst into life, illuminating an elaborate golden throne with the initials "V.R." carved into it.

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