Paperbacks now available!

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Hello, my lovely readers, and welcome to the month of July! I have now been a published author for 6 whole weeks (crazy!!!), and it's been a total whirlwind. There were a few small hiccups along the way, but I've been overwhelmed with all the love and support the Wattpad community has shown me.

I know a lot of you were interested in a paperback version of Paladin and were disappointed when one wasn't immediately available. I get it - the hardback is expensive! That's one of the downsides to publishing as an indie author -- because my publisher does what's called "printing on demand" instead of publishing in bulk, it's much harder to get the costs down.

I asked you to reach out to my publisher if you were interested in a paperback version, and a lot of you were motivated enough to do it. And because of that, a paperback actually happened, and much earlier than expected! The paperback is available on Amazon and today. Wee! It's $14 cheaper than the hardcover, so a definite improvement.

For those of you who prefer to buy in-store, you can go into your local book retailer and ask them to order the book into the store  (Barnes & Noble will definitely do this for you, as will most larger book stores). My publisher is also working to get a few retailers to ACTUALLY sell them in stock at the store, but that would be a damn miracle. We'll see!

In other good news, now that all the limited edition books are mailed out, I'm finally turning to the sequel. This may or may not end up being the first line of Uriel:

If Sam never set foot on a boat again it would be too soon.

Thank you guys for continuing to be amazing!

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