The Truth and Nothing but The Truth

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*Kaleigh's Pov* 

I arrive at Harry's house nervous and upset. I know this can go one of two ways: 

1. He'll admit that he cheated on me and doesn't want to see me anymore.

2. He'll beg me for forgiveness and tell me that he didn't want to kiss her and well be ok. 

I walk up to his door and knock.  My hand shakes as it connects with the door, I didn't think I was that nervous. It opens and I see a suprised Harry. "You actually came," He looks me up and down. I can see the confusion and hurt in his eyes but I try to push it away. He steps to the side and motions me to come in. 

"Do you want something to drink?" He smiles at me. I shake my head no and sit on the couch. He grabs himself some water and sits next to me, but keeps his distance.  I can tell that he knows I'm uncomfortable. We sit there in silence for a few minutes then Harry clears his throat and looks me in the eyes. 

"I didn't want to kiss her. I had  no idea she was even at the awards in the first place. Apparently she was a background dancer for Iggy. Which isn't important...anyway after you guys went to the bathroom she walked up to us. I told her I had a girlfriend and that she needed to fuck off. She just leaned in and kissed me! Kaleigh, I promise I would never cheat on you. You have to believe me, please." 

I look him in the eyes. All I see is tears and anger. I know he's telling the truth but I don't know what to do. "Harry I believe you, but you still kissed her. Do you have any idea how heart broken I am? All I did was cry last night!" I try to hold in my tears but I can't they run down my cheeks and onto my nose. 

"Please don't cry," he reaches over to touch my arm and I stand up.

"Please don't touch me. I'm so confused about what to do."  I meet his eyes and he looks hurt. 

"Honey if you think I would ever physically hurt you I would never, please let me hug you." He gets up off the couch and comes over to me. I let him hug me and I hug him back. I feel his arms wrap around my waist and his breath on my neck. I bury my head into his neck and cry. "Shhh baby we'll be ok. I promise." He moves his fingers through my hair and kisses the top of my head. 

"What do we do now?" I ask as I look up at him. 

"What do you want to do?" 

I sigh, "I want to be with you Harry, but we kind of need to start over. I can't just jump back into this like nothing happened." 

"If that's what you need then I'll do it. I promise I wil do anything to fix this." I pull away from him and look into his eyes. They look better, more full of life. 

"So what else do you have planned for today?" Harry asks as we sit back on the couch together. 

"Stacy texted me last night saying that Victoria's Secret called," Harry chockes on his water. 

"Wait, Victoria's Secret? As in the place that sells sexy ingerie?" 

"Yeah," I giggle "Why?" 

He blushes. "You have to let me go to that photoshoot! Please? Kaleigh,Please?"

"I don't even know if they want us to model. I had Kayla call her today and see whats up, and plus stacy never lets people come and watch." 

"You have to at least try," he pouts. 

"Ok, Ok I'll try." He smiles and starts bouncing up and down like a little kid. 

I laugh and slap his shoulder, "Will you stop it?" He stops and blushes. "I think I'll see if Kayla wants to try to invite Niall so that way it isn't to weird." He nodds. 

"I bet Niall wouldn't mind going. I mean the man isn't gay." we laugh and I look at the time. No wonder why I'm hungry.

"Harry? Do you want to go get something to eat? I'll drive." 

He smiles, "Yeah I would love to. Lets go?" 

Harry holds out his hand to help me up off the couch. I gladly take it and smile. We head out to the car and drive away. In that moment it was clear to me that the way today went was definitely option 2, and I couldn't be happier about that. 

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