Dirty austin!

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Dirty Austin Mahone Imagine


"Austin, Im done! I'm completely done! You yell as you slam your door.
You run over to the bed, collapse on it, and start crying your eyes out. You cried so hard you didn't even realize austin was holding you tightly against his warm body. 
You have gotten into another fight with him.
"Shh. Baby I'm sorry. I really am." He soothes. 
You just continue to sob. 
"Baby please forgive me. Please!" He begs. You look into his eyes and notice that he's crying too.
You've never seen him like this before. He's all torn. 
All you wanna do is hug him and tell him everything's going to be okay.
You wrap your arms around his neck and bury your head in his chest. You continue to sob. What's up with all this crying??
"Im so sorry. Please forgive me!" Austin says softly while rubbing small circles in your back.
You lift your head up an crash your lips against his. You an feel him smiling into the kiss.
He lifts you up into his strong arms and carries you to the bed. 
He sets you down then removes his shirt and jeans.
You rip your clothes off as well.
He takes off his boxers revealing his hard and rather large dick.
You feel yourself get wet just looking at it.
He removes your lace panties and wastes no time.
He immediately thrusts his dick into you and begins thrusting in and out very slowly.
"Austin!" You moan. "F-faster!"
He obeys and begins thrusting faster and harder. You begins moaning left to right.
He was thrusting so fast, his balls were slapping against your ass.
Before you hit your climax, he flips you over so that your on top. You begin riding him. 
You bounce up and down on Clark. Your boobs are flying everywhere. Austin grabs them and squeezes gently.
You tighten your stomach as your high approaches.
You hit your climax and scream Austin's name as he does the same.
You orgasm and cum all over him. He shoots his cum up into you.
You get off and lie next to him.
"That was amazing!" He says between breaths. 
"I love you so much!"
"I love you too austin!"
"So... Ready for round two?"

I posted this on my tumblr so if you see it on there, don't worry it's me! Lol follow my tumblr and twitter @clarktastic and my Instagram is @austinsmahomiexx (:

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