Chapter 1

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"Well Ms. Wright another job well done." I smile, "Thank you Mr. Jackson." "So as a reward for a 98 percent, Maliyah is now one of our junior partners." To say I was excited is an understatement. I've work my ass off to make it to this very moment. "Thank you so much Mr. Jackson. I don't know what to say." "Keep up the amazing work is all that needs to be said."

"Yes sir." Ah! I can't wait to tell the girls. "Alright this wraps up our meeting." I jet out of the conference room and head straight to my office. "Congratulations Ms. Wright." My secretary Nina says. "Thank you Nina." I sit down at my desk. I'm so happy!

Once I leave work I head over to Annie's to meet with Monique and Sheree. Monique, Sheree, and myself grew up together in the Heights. It's a ghetto ass city but it had it's perks. I'm glad 22 years laters I still have my girls with me and we're all doing our own thing. Sheree is the Co-CEO of Global Enterprise. Monique on the other hand loves The Heights. She still works and live there but she's still doing her thing none the less.

"Hey boo." "Hey Niq, Hey Ree." I greet my best friends. "What's poppin girl?" "So guess who made Junior Partner at Neiman and Associates..." "That's what's up girl congratulations!" Sheree says. "Thank you!" "Well yes I'm happy for you boo but a career will not keep you warm at night." Monique says scrolling through her phone. I roll my eyes, "Here you go." We go through "You can't be single forever" talk at least once every week.

"I'm just saying Maliyah. I have this colleague of mine. He's single and looks good as hell." "Then why is he single?" Sheree asks. "Girl I don't know but he won't be for long once he meets Maliyah Friday at 7."  Hold on, "Tomorrow is Friday?!?" "I know. Isn't it a a great way to celebrate your promotion." "I am not going on another one of your blind dates Monique." "You don't give the men a chance." "Girl please you can keep those wanna be ass dope dealers where they are at." "Darrien isn't like that. He's my manager over the store."

"As if that makes it any better. Ghetto ass grocery store." I say rolling my eyes. "That's located in the same ghetto ass place you use to live." She reminds me. I know where I've came from and worked my ass off to get out of that shit. "Monique you know hood type of guys have never been Maliyah's thing." Sheree says in my defense. "Except for August." I roll my eyes, "Can we not talk about him?" I ask not trying to relive that fucking nightmare.

"Whatever Maliyah. Don't play. You loved that boy." "Keyword Loved." "Why are we even talking about this nigga? His ass been long gone. Are you forgetting the night your cousin left her?" Sheree says. "Thank you Sheree." "Okay but it was for her own good." Monique says. "Get a grip he went to jail and her ass still went to visit him. He took her off his visitors list and ceased all contact." "Okay next topic." I say sipping my drink.

"So back to the date, he's super cute and he's nothing like the last guys I've hooked you up with. They run all over his ass." I'm so over this conversation. "If I agree you have to do my hair for free anytime I want for the next month." "Deal girl!" Monique is a hair Goddess. I don't know why she doesn't go into it full time instead of working at a store. "Okay I'll go. What time is he picking me up?" "6:30. Your going too love it." "I'm sureee."

I wake up to my alarm blasting. I roll over and turn it off. "Thank you Lord for another day." I say getting up. An hour later I'm out and headed to the office. Thanks to traffic I won't be able to make my daily stop to Starbucks. I should've made coffee at home.

"Good morning Ms. Wright. Your Frap is on your desk." "Thank you Nina." "Mr. Jackson has assigned you to a new case. The briefing on your desk." Nina says walking inside. "What's the charges?" "First degree murder." "My favorite. Does the client have a rap sheet?" "Yes. Possession of substance, attempt to distribute, possession of unregistered fire arms,-" "Ms. Wright just the person I wanted to see." Mr. Jackson says walking in my office.

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