I'm coming for you Lily

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Lily's pov

As soon as I walked into the apartment my body shut down, my mouth went dry, what ever Nina has to tell us can change everything, and I'm not sure if I'm ready for that.

When Mia and me walked in none was there, the room was empty.

"Where are they?" Mia asked and I shrugged, I put my stuff by the door and got a drink of tea. I pulled out my phone to ring one of the guys.

"Hey Charlie where are you?" I ask my friend down the phone.

"I just got your text you said you saw Daniel in the streets so you and Mia went to hide"

"Wait what?"

"We are all looking for you now"

"But Charlie I never sent that!! We are here in the apartment"

"Shit, okay we are coming back straight away stay where you are" I hung up with him, something was off and I wasn't going to stay here.

"Come on," I say to my best friend and pick up an umbrella that was in the coat stand.

"Wait he told us to stay here"

"Fine stay here, but I'm looking around" after I said that she was admittedly by my side. We walked through the dimly lit corridors, no one was here it was just us but it still didn't feel right.

"Lily none is here" Mia whispered

"But something doesn't fell right" I say walking down the corridor that led to my room.

"You only feel like that because Nina's here"

"Shhhh" I say to here I looked at my door it was open and the bauqeny was open.

"Don't tell me to shh," she said angrily and then she saw my face and her mouth slammed shut.

As I walked into the room I saw that it was turned upside down, the bed was unmade, the windows where open the curtains where on the floor, and the walk in wardrobe was on the floor.

"What happened?"

"I don't know" I left the doorway and went onto the bauqney.

"Lily..Mia!!!" I heard everyone shout

"Go ahead, ill be there in a minute," I say turning back to the view. I looked around and saw a letter inside the flowerpots there was also a blood red rose with a ribbon on it. Someone has been here since we left and since the guys left to look for us.

I picked it up and looked inside, the parchment only had a few words inked into it,

I gave you time to catch your breath, but now there's nowhere to run-D

I stared at it for a while he's been in this room near my things; I can't stay here any more.

"Lily, what happened?" I heard Charlie say

"Nothing, just um a devil" I say turning to him and he looked at me in shock.

"I'm leaving tomorrow, as my family want to see me do you want to come?" he asks and I nod my head

"Lets go and see what Nina has to say" I nod and walk out the room but I close the door and leave the letter in there.

Ethan's pov

"Do we know who sent the text?" after I found out that the text wasn't from Lily my mind went straight to Daniel he would do this to plant something.

"No but we don't need three guesses" Riley said hugging his girlfriend who was shocked.

"I'm so sorry if I didn't come to warn you nothing would have happened" Nina said looking at us and a couple of tears slipped out, I went over to comfort her but it felt wrong. As soon as I realized I was wrong I saw Lily was in the room her shocked hurt eyes went from me to Nina and then she admiralty masked it.

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