TMAIA&NLMG Chapter 2

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Im sorry I took such a long time to upload but here it is!


"Jeez you three! Its always like this! Do you understand the consequences of your actions! Its always like this first you all disappear for a months at a time them come back see one another and screams like monkeys hump- hugging one another!" shouted Mr. Jones. He was the head of your school the man in charge. He was a bitch and he whines alot but for the most part he is cool. He coughed slightly. "But I did miss you three and I got to admit you two sitting on her CLASSIC!" 

We all turned into giggle fits laughing and smiling. Maybe it wasn’t a bad idea to be in the human world for now? Who knew maybe we would get a chance to breathe to let Zane's death sink in. Then again maybe it would be twice as hard. As of now I will take any excitement I can get. 


"Zoahhhhhhhh pleaswweee I want some candy!!!" I pouted, making faces at Zoah who was trying hard not to laugh at my stupidity. "Pleasweeee I will be a good girl!"

"HA HA!!! OMG" he laughed, starring at my face. "Wish I recorded that! Americas funniest videos first place! hahahhaa" 

I playfully glared at him as began to grin as I saw his girlfriend coming towards us. Hehe pay back has arrived.

"Zoah Angel Argyros! Oh I will smack you until you turn purple!" she stormed in screaming whacking him a few times in his head. I just started to laugh.

"Baby! I'm sorry I love you!" he tried, conveying. He turned and looked to me for help. I snickered and finally gave in.

"Awwww Lea that bitch loves you wouldn’t shut up about you."

I watched them make up and I turned to Kale making ew faces. Kale grinned before swinging in and give me a kiss on my lips. My eyes grew wide and I jumped back.

"WHAT THE FUCK!!!" I screamed, my eyes in watering up. Zoah looked me and then at Kale. Zoah came up to me and I slapped his hand away. "DONT TOUCH ME!!! YOU JERK!!" 

I quickly turned around running through the doors as fast I as I could I heard people screaming my name but I didn’t care. I wasn't ready for this. Not this way. I covered my mouth as more tears sprang from my eyes. Not this way. Zane. . . 

Zane wasn't just a captain, my best friend, my father figure, he was also my first love. When Leila started going out with him I was heart broken. I remained my composer but now that he is gone. .  Kale why did you do it now. Why did you. .  ?

I ran under the bleacher not even caring if anyone was there I ran smack into someone falling backwards on my ass. I held my hands up to my eyes trying to wipe away the tears falling from my eyes.

I turned burying my face into his chest. His warm embrace I didn’t care who he was all I knew his presence resembled Zane's. There was nothing more I wanted then to be held by Zane right now. Especially right now. 

I slowly began to stop crying even though my heart still felt very heavy I felt better. I realized that the guy has been there the whole time. Just rubbing my back and whispering soft sweet things to me. I felt better in a odd way. Maybe he was Zane. Ah how could Zane was gone. I looked up at the stranger for the first time. I was a bit taken back. His long black hair covering his face & ears. There were streaks’ of blonde in them. His chocolate brown eyes all tied together with pale skin and pink lips. He had a small cross earring in his right ear along with a black choker like necklace around his neck.

"I'm Zack." he chimed, softly in my ear. He nuzzled my neck making me shiver. "And what is your name?"

"Zera." I whispered, barely. "Thank you."

Just as he opened his mouth to ask me something I heard people screaming my name. 

"I will see you soon." he said, before gazing his lips against mine and walks away from me."

WOAHHHHHHH Zeee Come back to planet earth!!! Holy shit he was hot! My mouth was slightly open and my cheeks were flushed. Oh boy who is he!?

I got to meet him again I just have to. 

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