What My Sea Will Be

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At home among the flickering flame

Nothing will ever be the same

Whispering late into the night

Moving on at first light

Dancing from place to place

Never ling’ring-- hardly a trace

Open pathways, crystal and blue

Dappled in bright sunshine too

Causing delay,

to my dismay:

Studies then shoving-- moving on

“Regular life”-- such a con

My yearning

Still burning

A boulder lodged in my sea

What else could there be?

A wailing mass in my arms

(What need is there for alarms?)

Back to my sea...

Filling with debris

How frivolous, idiotic is all seems

Could that really have been all my dreams?

A lump in my throat, keeping my feelings at bay

“It will be fine,” I think everyday

My sea with stormy skies

What once was there is filled with lies.

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