Chapter 13

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"What?" McGee snapped dashing out of the room following the doctor.

"Ms. David has gone into labor again. We predict that because the baby is over due, the medical treatment given did not hold long enough for Ms. David to heal from the crash." The doctor explained.

"So she's going to have that baby, now?" McGee clarified.

"Yes. We are wheeling her into delivery now." The doctor paused. "This is your choice Mr. McGee. Do you think Mr. DiNozzo will be able to handle being in the delivery room?"

"Yes." McGee answered. "Can he walk?"

"Since the Anastasia has warn off, probably. You may bring him to me and I will explain." The doctor smiled putting on rubber gloves.

McGee dashed back into Tony's Room. "Tony," he said stopping at the foot of his bed. Tony had already changed out of his hospital gown and into jeans and a Ohio state shirt Gibbs had brought him.

"What's wrong with Zi?" He whispered sitting on the edge of his bed with his hand on his side.

"The baby's coming." McGee said. "The doctor wants you." McGee grabbed Tony's arm and helped him to his wobbly feet.

They both walked down the hallway to the delivery room.

"Good luck Tony. Congrats." McGee said patting his back and heading to the delivery waiting room.

"Hey Sweet cheeks," Tony whispered kissing Ziva on her temple. He sat in the chair next to her and grabbed her hand.

"I'm scared." She whispered. Her big brown eyes looked up at him with fear.

"Everything is going to be okay Zi." Tony whispered squeezing her hand.


McGee sat down and pulled out his phone. He called Gibbs.

"Gibbs." He answered bluntly.

"Hey boss." McGee said nervously.

"What is it Mc-Gee." Gibbs answered softer.

"She's having the" McGee said.

"I will be right there with Abby." Gibbs said before hanging up.

McGee looked at his phone acknowledging that Gibbs hung up. He sighed and slipped his phone back in his front pocket.

"First kid?" A man said sitting next to McGee.

"Oh no. Umm.. Close friends first kid." McGee answered.

"Aww that's sweet." The man said. "This is my wife and I second little bundle of joy."

"If you don't mind me asking," McGee started. "Why aren't you in there with her?"

"I'm not good with all that blood and stuff." He pointed down his throat.

McGee smiled. "I'm Tim by the way."

"Oh yes. I'm Jason." Jason said. my wife's name is Maddie." Jason said. Jason had blond hair and striking blue eyes. He had a slight Texas accent and seamed young, about in his mid to late 20's.

"I'm sorry but I think I know you from somewhere." McGee said confused. "Where do you work."

"I work at NCIS. That stands for-" jason started.

"Navel Criminal Investigative Service I know, I work there too." McGee smiled.

"Really? What division?" Jason asked.

"I'm on Special Agent Gibbs Team. My name is Special agent Timothy McGee." McGee explained.

"No way,"Jason's eyes went wide. "Special agent Gibbs' team is a legend."

"What division do you work?" McGee asked.

"I remember now! You were at the Los Angeles field office years ago correct?" Jason asked.

"Yeah," answered McGee.

"That's where." He answered.

"That's interesting. Your a long way from home then." McGee said.

"Yes yes, long way. I was here for a meeting at headquarters with two members from another team and Maddie came along. " Jason explained.

"Hey Jason!" Another man said.

"Speaking of the other team," Jason whispered."

"How's Maddie? We got Vance to hold our plane until we got to see your new little baby." The man continued with his hand around a women's small wast with their badges on their belts.

"Agent McGee, I would like you to meet Agent Blye and Agent Deeks."


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