Chp. 1 - First day back home

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Hi guys! I’m kinda new to this whole writing thing but I hope you like it!!                                                                        


Rena’s POV

On my first day of school, after I moved to Australia from America I was pretty confident. I was dressed in jeans and a shirt; I have emerald eyes and long black hair that turned brown on the edges. I was a werewolf. My family moved away from here when my mum died, I was around 8 yrs old, and she wanted to be buried where she belonged, thus us moving to Australia. I finally came back here for my last three years of high school. Our pack is not particularly large but we were in a truce with neighbouring packs so everything was always in order, everything was unchanged when I got to school.

Then I saw my childhood friend, Jake. He used to tease me and pull my hair when I was a kid; we weren’t on the best terms but still friends.

"Whoa, man who’s she? Damn. She’s hot!" I heard Jake whisper to himself. It looked like Jake didn’t remember. I walked over. "Jake? It’s me, Rena?" I said trying to get him to remember me.

"Hey! It’s Rena!"  Idiot.

"Hey Jake! How’s the pack?"

"Just like old times." He smiled; I missed that smile while I was away. "So… Do you want me to help you around the school on your first day?"

"Nah, its ok." I smiled

And now I’m lost. Where is D08 supposed to be?? I was running around starting to panic when I ran into a pole… wait… a person?

"Whoa there, you ok?" He said, his voice sounding angelic and rough at the same time. His looks were to die for, dark brown hair and incredible blue eyes; I found it strange that I found someone taller than me, not that I was freakishly tall, just more than average.

"I’m fine, I just wasn’t looking at where I was going." I looked into his deep blue eyes until he smirked and I noticed how long I was staring at his complexion. "Umm, hi I’m Rena nice to meet you. And you are…."

He shook my hand. "Dylan. Do you need some help finding your homeroom?" I nodded my head in embarrassment. How could I not notice him standing there?

"So your room is D08 huh?"  How did he know? I thought for a moment and realised that he took my schedule from me. I tried to snatch it from him but he grabbed my hand and ran towards the end of the hall.

"It’s this way." Each time my hand was in his I felt incredibly warm and protected.

As soon as we got to the classroom I realised that Dylan was in the same class; im not the brightest person you'll find. When I walked in I saw Jake and smiled.

"Ahem, Mr Ryans what are you doing here 15 minutes late?"

I saw a man in his mids wearing glasses and skinny jeans, not bad for a teacher.

"I was helping Rena, here, get to homeroom."

Dylan’s POV

As I was walking round school during homeroom because I wanted to ditch a girl rammed into me. I looked at her, she had the greenest eyes, brownish black hair and the face of an angel.

"Whoa there, you ok?" I said trying to gain her attention. I smirked when I realised she was staring at me a bit too long.

"Umm, hi I’m Rena, nice to meet you. And you are…." Her voice sounded melodic and soothing, im starting to like this girl. I shook her hand. As soon as we linked hands I felt a spark, could she be the one?