Chp. 1 - First day back home

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Hi guys! I’m kinda new to this whole writing thing but I hope you like it!!                                                                        


Rena’s POV

On my first day of school, after I moved to Australia from America I was pretty confident. I was dressed in jeans and a shirt; I have emerald eyes and long black hair that turned brown on the edges. I was a werewolf. My family moved away from here when my mum died, I was around 8 yrs old, and she wanted to be buried where she belonged, thus us moving to Australia. I finally came back here for my last three years of high school. Our pack is not particularly large but we were in a truce with neighbouring packs so everything was always in order, everything was unchanged when I got to school.

Then I saw my childhood friend, Jake. He used to tease me and pull my hair when I was a kid; we weren’t on the best terms but still friends.

"Whoa, man who’s she? Damn. She’s hot!" I heard Jake whisper to himself. It looked like Jake didn’t remember. I walked over. "Jake? It’s me, Rena?" I said trying to get him to remember me.

"Hey! It’s Rena!"  Idiot.

"Hey Jake! How’s the pack?"

"Just like old times." He smiled; I missed that smile while I was away. "So… Do you want me to help you around the school on your first day?"

"Nah, its ok." I smiled

And now I’m lost. Where is D08 supposed to be?? I was running around starting to panic when I ran into a pole… wait… a person?

"Whoa there, you ok?" He said, his voice sounding angelic and rough at the same time. His looks were to die for, dark brown hair and incredible blue eyes; I found it strange that I found someone taller than me, not that I was freakishly tall, just more than average.

"I’m fine, I just wasn’t looking at where I was going." I looked into his deep blue eyes until he smirked and I noticed how long I was staring at his complexion. "Umm, hi I’m Rena nice to meet you. And you are…."

He shook my hand. "Dylan. Do you need some help finding your homeroom?" I nodded my head in embarrassment. How could I not notice him standing there?

"So your room is D08 huh?"  How did he know? I thought for a moment and realised that he took my schedule from me. I tried to snatch it from him but he grabbed my hand and ran towards the end of the hall.

"It’s this way." Each time my hand was in his I felt incredibly warm and protected.

As soon as we got to the classroom I realised that Dylan was in the same class; im not the brightest person you'll find. When I walked in I saw Jake and smiled.

"Ahem, Mr Ryans what are you doing here 15 minutes late?"

I saw a man in his mids wearing glasses and skinny jeans, not bad for a teacher.

"I was helping Rena, here, get to homeroom."

Dylan’s POV

As I was walking round school during homeroom because I wanted to ditch a girl rammed into me. I looked at her, she had the greenest eyes, brownish black hair and the face of an angel.

"Whoa there, you ok?" I said trying to gain her attention. I smirked when I realised she was staring at me a bit too long.

"Umm, hi I’m Rena, nice to meet you. And you are…." Her voice sounded melodic and soothing, im starting to like this girl. I shook her hand. As soon as we linked hands I felt a spark, could she be the one?

"Dylan. Do you need some help finding your homeroom?" She nodded, damn why was this girl so cute? I swiftly stole her schedule as she was daydreaming. "So your room is D08 huh?" Before she had time to react and take her schedule from me I grabbed her hand and ran towards homeroom, luckily she is in the same room as me. ‘It’s this way.’ When we got there her eyes wandered the room to a guy sitting in the back, I soon noticed it was Jake Willows, he sat two seats away from me.

I kept wondering about their relationship when Mr Grimm interrupted my thoughts "Ahem, Mr Ryans what are you doing here 15 minutes late?"

"I was helping Rena, here, get to homeroom." At least I decided to come...

  Again Mr Grimm said something "Well class this is Rena. Rena, I’m Mr Grimm. Erm… You can sit between Jake and Dylan." This is going to be a hell of a school year.


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