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When we got home I went upstairs and took a shower and got dressed. I put on a half shirt that was pink and said OMG in silver rinestones then I put on some ripped jeans! I went downstairs and Chris was down there pacing back and forth.

Carrie:Aye! What's wrong dude

Chris:Everything won't be the same

Carrie:Yes it will *hugs him* Calm down

Chris:*hugs back* I can't

Carrie:*lets go* It'll be ok I promise

I was looking him in the eyes.

Chris:*looking back* Ok

Carrie:Do you mind if I go out with Diggy today

Chris:Nah I get to spend time with the kids

Carrie:Great! And when I get Back I wanna tell you something


I left and went to Diggy's house and knocked on the door.


Diggy:*laughs* Why are you yellin

Carrie:Cause I'm chill like that I'm chill

Diggy:Your cray cray

Carrie:You know I hat that *getting serious*

Diggy:That's why I said it!

Carrie:Ok ok what are we doing?

Diggy:I want you to be in my new video

Carrie:What song! 4 letter word??

Diggy:Yup *pops the p*

Carrie:OK! *jumping up and down*


Carrie:Im doing yours,Chris,Jacob Latimore,Mindless Behaviors,and Issa! Guess what song!



Diggy:*laughs* You're jumpy today

Carrie:I got my best friend back

Diggy:*kisses you*

Carrie:*kisses back*

This felt so right! But then it didn't.

Carrie:*pulls away* Oh God

Diggy:I'm so so sorry please dot have anybody kill me

Carrie:It's ok and I won't *laughs*

Diggy:Kay. Well first we're going to the movies it ends at 5:00pm then at 7:00 we're reliving the childhood life and going to a football game!

Carrie:YES! It sounds fun



Carrie:Come on before we're late

After everything I went home and I had to tell Chris it's been bothering me all day..!

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