Our Anniversary

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Hello to the dear people reading this! This is my new Sabriel fanfic I'm starting(I know, I know. I have too many stories uncompleted already. Don't yell at me), but this one is different from all my other stories. This is solely comedy based, so there's not going to be a lot(if any) angst XD

I hope you all enjoy! 


"Can you believe it? It's our three year anniversary." Sam asked, looking down at Gabriel curled in his arms. The smaller boy looked up, a smile playing on his lips as he leaned up, kissing the Winchester gently. They were laying in Sam's bed, John and Mary having left on a date night to give them some privacy, while Dean, of course, had left, complaining about not wanting to be in the same house as the 'love birds'.

"It seems like yesterday that you asked me out." Gabriel mumbled, nuzzling into Sam's neck. Sam flushed slightly from the contact, his stomach twisting nervously as he hugged Gabriel tightly around the middle.

"You asked me out first, you moron." Sam said, a teasing tone in his voice as Gabriel shot him a glare. It made Sam smile as he remembered how nervous the little trickster had been. There was no way he could have said no to the boy.

"You aren't supposed to bring it up." Gabriel mumbled, his cheeks hinting pink. Sam smiled, knowing that the boy didn't want anyone else to know that he wasn't the savvy trickster all the time.

"My lips are sealed." Sam said, leaning down and kissing Gabriel gently, letting their lips move together languidly. Gabriel pulled away after a moment, his eyes slowly darkening.

"Sam. I want to do it." He said, pushing himself into a sitting position, so that he was straddling Sam's hips. Sam blushed, staring up at the determined boy. He swallowed a lump in his throat, his heart fluttering with nervousness.

"You sure?" Sam asked, letting his hands slide along Gabriel's hips and rubbing circles in with his thumbs. Gabriel shivered under the touch, rocking back and forth slightly as he leaned over Sam with his hands supporting him.

"I'm sure that my first time should be with you." Gabriel mumbled, leaning down and kissing Sam. Sam kissed back, letting the smaller boy take control as his nimble hands quickly undid the Winchester's shirt.


It was two weeks later when Sam began to feel worried for Gabriel. They were in their senior history class, the first class of the morning, when Gabriel suddenly got up and ran from the room. The teacher called his name, but did nothing as Sam got up, apologizing to the teacher before following after his boyfriend.

He found him in the boy's bathroom, puking his guts up and almost an olive green color. Sam frowned, brushing Gabriel's chin length hair back from his face, waiting until the boy had finished before speaking.

"Gabriel? Did you get sick? Did you eat something bad? Are you okay?" Sam asked, his worry pervading his voice as Gabriel lifted his head, still looking as if he was going to throw up at any moment. 

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