56 - Secretly in Love

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Imagine for Danika ( danikaportelliattard )



"Neymar, don't " I stopped him as he tried to kiss me, his hands on my cheeks .

"Why not ?" he pouted making me sigh.

"You're parents are in the other room Neymar. We can't risk that ." I told him taking his hands off my cheeks .

He frowned as I moved away entering the en suite bathroom of Neymar's room to see what was wrong with the shower so that he told me to come check it.

I could here his footsteps behind me .

I checked every spot but didn't see anything wrong  I turned around a confused look on my face to look at Neymar who was leaning on the door frame his arms crossed his lower lip between his teeth.

"There isn't anything wrong here ."  I told him crossing my arms on my chest.

"I know ." was all that he said .

"then why did you call me up here ?" I raised an eyebrow at him .

"Because I wanted to see you ." he said approaching me .

You see Neymar and I have this kind of secret non relationship . We are not boyfriend girlfriend , but we are hiding an affair like relationship from his parents. 

I worked at the mansion where Neymar and his parents lived, as a handy woman , I fixed and updated pretty much everything that needs an update new tools , or repairing what's broken. 

But after a while of living and working for them , Neymar started flirting with me , showing me that he was attracted to me , and I liked him already before he started this whole thing.

One day we were arguing about something that he broke , he shut me up by kissing me .

And since then we try to keep the whole thing as low covered as possible.

My love for Neymar increase with each moment with him , but I don't think that he feels the same for me ,he's just interested and attracted to me he does't love me . So I don't bother risking his parents finding out and firing me from my job , even thought childish Neymar has almost gotten us discovered a lot already .

"Neymar we can't do this now your parents are in the house ." I told him walking back into his room as I heard him following me .

"I don't care anymore if they are here or not ." He said turning me around to face him .

"Well I care Neymar , I don't want to get fired." I told him as he shook his head.

"I can't keep hiding this , it's not fair for you or me." He said softly his eyes boring into mine.

In an instant I felt his warm lips that I loved so much on mine.

I kissed him back my arms around his neck , his by my waist pulling me closer to him.

Neymar's back was facing the door when it flew open Nadine , Neymar's mother appeared with a shocked look on her face at the sight of Neymar and I kissing .

"What is going on here ?" she asked when Neymar pulled away .

Neymar stood next to me his arm around my waist tightly .

"Mrs Nadine , I'm sorr-" Neymar cut me off my apology. 

"You don't have to be sorry about anything." He looked down at me then turned to his mother , who surprisingly didn't look mad . 

"Mãe I don't know what you are thinking right now , but Danika is my girlfriend, i'm happy with her , and I love her." His grip on me tightened and he looked back at me a smile making it way to my lips .

"I love you too Neymar." he grinned at my words and leaned down kissing me softly .

"Neymar it's happening finally." Neymar's mother called to Neymar's father.

Neymar and I looked at her confused when we pulled apart.

Neymar's dad appeared next to his wife by the door.

"You guys finally together ?" he asked .

"uh yes , what is going ?" I asked them both Neymar and I more confused than ever.

"we could see how you looked at her son, we were waiting for you to make a move, and that if you didn't we would have to play matchmaker or cupid whatever you call it. "

"I guess it turned out okay then, we should have done this earlier ." he told me laughing .


How do you feel about a vampire Neymar imagine.






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