She watched as the two kissed in the gardens, she watched from far, from a window on the highest floor. She was glad for the two. Ros was good for Merlin, they seemed happy, happier than she had seen him in a while. Although yes, he had distanced himself from her in the past months, he was happier. Happier than he ever was around her, and perhaps that was a good thing as well. Maybe it would be best if he distanced himself from her, surely it was better for Arthur.

Damn it, everything reminded her of him. It hurt. It was even more painful that she had to see him every other day.

She made her way down to the stables, ever grateful to Ros for allowing her this day, and made her way to her Thunder. She smiled at the stallion. She had been brooming him, and now his fur gleamed in the sun, and his mane was no longer tangled as it had been before.

Anastasia didn't know how he showed up at these stables. Merlin and her had thought this horse dead a long time ago, but to their surprise he was still quite alive.

"Hello Thunder." She smiled, stroking his neck. "Would you like to go out for a ride? We'll have all day, and we'll take the long way around as well, and we'll finally see the lakes beyond here perhaps.." She sighed at the thought. There was no way she was going to go anywhere far from here. She might still have duties to attend to.

"No." She said to herself. "I'm going to treat myself today." She put on a saddle that she had bought him, a nice black one, with packs on the sides. Leather, obviously. She got on, having a bit of trouble since he was a rather large horse. Thunder didn't mind her weight, even if he was an aging horse. He was strong.

She rode off, leaving a trail of hoof prints in the mud behind her. It had rained the previous night.

She made her way to the field where the four had originally gone, and she smiled, but passed it without a second chance, instead making her way into the dark forest. Animals ran as they felt the hoof beats go by, and they hid in their holes and dens.

Before long, Anastasia had gotten herself lost. She looked around, but saw only familiar looking trees. She looked down at the ground for hoof prints, but to her luck, it hadn't rained in the forest, and hoof prints weren't anywhere to be found. She let out a series of curses before getting off of Thunder. She grabbed him by the reins and travelled on foot, hoping there would be something she could see better this way.

Hours had passed like minutes, and much to her horror, she had found herself deeper in the woods then she ever would have liked. It was dark here, and not just with the light. There was a feeling of unease she couldn't get over. She kept walking with Thunder, avoiding fallen logs and such, when Thunder began to pull at the reins.

"What is it, what's wrong?" She asked, scared now for both of their safeties. This is what she gets for treating herself. Thunder let out a whinny before tugging hard enough to get free of Ana's grasp and bolt far away. Anastasia was left defenseless, cold, and hungry. She heard footsteps, large ones, behind her and she turned to come face to face with a pair of ginormous, hideous lizards. They opened their mouths and snapped at her, revealing large fangs. These things were venomous.

Without thinking, Ana ran for it as well, but unfortunately she wasn't as fast as the lizard things. They had her against a large tree, snapping at her and sticking out their tongues. Anastasia couldn't believe it. This was how she was to end, then? Alone, in the woods, by monsters she had never seem before. So be it. She closed her eyes, awaiting the fate that beheld her.

One of them lunged at her, grabbing her left arm tightly, while the other one let out a scream of pain. Ana let out a yell of pain, similar to that of the second lizard. She could feel it travel through her system, the venom that the thing injected into her, but she remained hopeful still.

The second lizard lay dead, killed by a man, with brown, long hair, and his now bloody sword. Within seconds, the lizard who had bit into her arm was dead as well. Within seconds, everything became a blur to her.

"Are you okay?" He asked, helping her stand up. He looked at the bite and cursed. "What's your name, my lady? Where do you live?"

"Anastasia. I live in Camelot, in the King's castle. My brother Merlin.. Look for my brother.. He's in the castle." She said, spots beginning to dot her vision.

"My name is Lancelot. Don't worry, Anastasia. I'll make sure you're okay." He told her, walking with her to some area.

"Arthur.." She whispered as he helped her walk to a nearby horse, presumably his. He helped her up and then sat behind her. He kicked the horses sides and they ran through the forest. He knew his way around, unlike her. "Don't let Arthur know..." She told him, as she started to fade away. She hoped to everything that was holy that Gaius would have a cure for this of some kind. She prayed he would. She closed her eyes as they finally reached the field. The man seemed to find it easily somehow, and quickly. Her last thought on her mind was how the blue flowers that grew along the edge of the forest were Arthur's favorite.

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