Chapter 7

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Anne woke up earlier than usual the next morning, because she knew Harry would be even more exhausted, therefore; a pain to wake up. After completing her routine, she made her way to Harry’s room, and knocked lightly on the door. Anne heard muffled scuttling, before the door was opened by none other than Harry, himself. “What are you doing up so early, Harry?” Anne asked while crossing her arms, and furrowing her brow out of pure curiosity. “Was trying to read,” Harry stated as he rubbed at his eyes with the back of his hand. “All by yourself?” Anne said, puzzled. Harry nodded, and yawned. Harry had never attempted to read outside of his classroom and therapy sessions, and when Anne tried to get him to read at home, he kicked, screamed, and cried for twenty minutes. “Well, that’s good babe. I’m very proud of you!” Anne pulled her son into a hug, which he gladly accepted. “Why don’t you get ready for school, and then get some breakfast.” Anne pushed her son back into his room before he closed the door behind him. Anne was pleasantly surprised by Harry taking the initiative to learn all by himself. Before too long, Anne and Harry where in their car, headed toward Harry’s school. Anne wasn’t entirely sure whether or not Harry remembered what happened yesterday, so she decided to gently bring up the topic. “So Harry, you went to sleep pretty late last night. Aren’t you a bit tired?” Anne asked, trying to be as nonchalant as possible. “No,” Harry said while shaking his head. Even if Harry forgot about what happened the other day, Anne didn’t want to make him feel embarrassed about things he wouldn’t even be able to remember. But if by some miracle Harry did remember, Anne only wanted to clear the air about Louis. She didn’t want Harry to be so afraid of him anymore, because in reality, Louis was an incredibly nice young man. “Okay, well, your teacher told me about the person that visited your class. He sounds really nice! What’d you think of him, babe?” Anne felt like she was pushing it, but she had to let Harry know that Louis wasn’t a bad person. “He sings really good!” Harry was practically bouncing in his seat at the recollection of Louis’ singing. “Oh, really? That’s great!” Anne was happily confused as to why Harry would only remember Louis singing him to sleep. They arrived at Harry’s school, and Anne was about to walk Harry to class before he stopped her. “Mum?” Harry asked sheepishly. “What is it, babe?” Anne asked while closing her door again. “I wanna go by myself.” Harry said while fumbling with his fingers in his lap. Anne was utterly shocked at how independent Harry was acting today. “Are you sure babe?” Anne asked while placing a comforting hand on his shoulder. Harry nodded rapidly. “I can do it!” He smiled gleefully as his mother agreed. He got out of the car, and grabbed his backpack from the backseat. Anne felt worry strike her chest, as she watched her baby’s lanky body disappear into the school.

                To say that Harry was terrified is an understatement. People kept on bumping into him, and talking way too loud. Harry really wanted his mum. “Don’t be such a baby, Harry.” He thought, even though it wasn’t helping the situation. He took a deep breath, and was just about to enter his classroom, before he was sharply tugged backwards by the loop on his backpack. “Where do you think you’re going, spaz?” A raspy, and unknown voice asked Harry. Harry didn’t have a chance to answer, before he was being shoved into a wall of lockers. The loudness of him hitting the metal, made him immediately cover his ears with his hands. “I asked you a question, retard.” A large, cold hand slapped the side of his head, right were his surgery scar was. Pain shot through not only Harry’s head, but his body, as a solid punch was placed on his stomach. Harry screamed at the top of his lungs, before heart-wrenching sobs took over. The stranger grabbed Harry’s curly locks, and yanked him up into a standing position. “Mummy’s not here to save you…” The stranger whispered into his ear, as he threw Harry back onto the ground like an old rag doll. Harry curled in on himself, and sobbed his heart out, hot tears streaked his face, and his nose red and runny from all the crying.

                There was yelling. A whole lot of yelling. Harry wasn’t sure how long he had been on the floor, but he didn’t care. All he wanted was for his mum to cradle him, and whisper comforting things in his ears, before tucking him into bed. But another part of Harry wanted to hear Louis singing. Somehow, that would have been enough to make him feel better. But for now, there was yelling. Harry’s eyes were trained to the spot straight in front of him. Then, out of nowhere, four pairs of feet made their way into Harry’s line of vision. Harry felt hands lift him up, as he was being carried to an unknown place. “N-no touch. M-mum-ma, Mum-ma.” Harry whimpered as the hands continued to carry him. He was put down on a cushiony bed, in a dimly lit room. “Lou, mate, do you think he’s gonna be alright?” The raven haired boy asked while looking down at the bruised boy in front of him. “I dunno Zayn. Niall, go get the nurse,” Louis instructed the blonde haired boy. Niall left the room, as the brown haired boy began to speak. “I’ll go tell the principal what happened.” The brown haired boy said. “I’ll go with you Liam,” Zayn said, as they made their way out of the room. Louis sat down on the edge of the infirmary bed that Harry was curled up on. Louis gently reached for Harry’s hand to rub, which elicited a scream from the hurt boy. Harry kicked his legs, and bit at his pale hands, as Louis backed away from him. “Harry, it’s okay. It’s Louis, mate. I only want to help you.” Louis said, keeping his distance from the thrashing boy, although he wanted nothing more than to rock him to sleep. “NO! Mum-ma!” Harry screamed at the top of his lungs. Before Louis got too frustrated with all the screams, he remembered how he got Harry to relax the last night.

Well, this is just a simple song,

To say what you done.

I told you ‘bout all those fears,

And away they did run.

You sure must be strong,

And you feel like an ocean being warmed by the sun.

When I was just nine years old,

I swear that I dreamt,

Your face on a football field,

And a kiss that I kept,

Under my vest.

Apart from everything,

But the heart in my chest.

                Harry’s cries grew softer, until only whimpers were heard. Louis smiled as Harry quietly nipped at his fingers, and rubbed his head against the soft pillow.

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