《Chapter 07》

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Today is the hottest day ever. You, along with Korosensei and class E, are walking towards the back of the mountain. Korosensei said that he found another swimming hole for your class since you couldn't use the main campus's swimming pool.

"Ne ne, Korosensei, the swimming pool is still far, isn't it?" you asked.

"Nyuuufuuu~don't worry (Y/N)-san, the swimming pool is not far from here. Behold!" Korosensei split open the bush in front of us. "A pool that I made especially for class E."

Everyone looked happy. They took off their jackets and jumped into the pool. Almost everyone. You, Karma, and Terasaka didn't jump into the pool. You could see all of your friends enjoying themselves. Okajima brought his camera and took some pictures while Nakamura looked shocked when she found out that Nagisa was a boy.

Not long after that, you heard Korosensei warn all the students. I guess when you make a pool, you start feeling like the high ruler of it all, you thought.

"(Y/N)-san! Don't just stand there! Go swim with the others!" Even you get warned by Korosensei.

"Nyufuuuu~ My elaborate plan makes the most of natural surroundings, from the scenery to the layout. It must be enjoyed in an orderly fashion!"

"Aw, don't be such a stick in the mud, Korosensei! Have a splash." Kurahashi splashed Korosensei which made him scream scream. Everyone gaped at Korosensei, shocked. Karma, being the prankster in the class, shook the chair that Korosensei was sitting on.

"Kyaaa!!! Karma-kun, what are you doing?! I'll fall in!"

"Korosensei, don't tell me that you're..."

"Oh, I just don't feel like swimming. That's all!" Korosensei pretended like nothing happened.

"Sensei, if you can't swim, just tell me," you shouted at Korosensei. "I can't swim too." You whispered so that only Korosensei could hear you. You smiled at him and went to the others. He noticed your sad face right before you ran away.

"So, (Y/N)-chan can't swim?~" You heard a familiar voice behind you.

"Just shut up, Karma! Yes, I can't swim! Is that a problem?!" you yelled at Karma. You felt your cheeks burning from embarrassment. You turn your head to hide your fiery red face.

"Heh... I just want to help you, (Y/N)-chan. It seems like you don't need it.~" He smirked when he saw your red cheeks.

"Yeah, I don't need your help! Just go away!"


You walk to class E like you always do. You already had a plan to kill Korosensei this morning. You prepared all the things you needed to kill him. You walked into the class happily until you heard Terasaka's voice from class. You quickly go inside the class and see a thick layer of smoke.

"Oi! Terasaka! What are you doing?" you asked him. He turned his head to you. You can see Korosensei's face turning red.

"Terasaka! Pranks are pranks, but this is going too—" Terasaka cut Korosensei's sentence.

"Don't touch me, monster. You're beyond creepy—and so are the rest of you. As for you, (Y/N)-chan, don't interfere!" He pushed you and made you fall. Karma, who saw it, came near Terasaka—full of anger. He just couldn't calm down when he saw Terasaka pushed you.

"What's got your knickers knotted, hmm? If you don't like it, just kill him. I mean, that's kind of what we're here for." Karma made Terasaka pissed off.

"You trying to start something? Fine by me! From day one, you've been-" Karma gripped Terasaka's face.

"Now, now, Terasaka, if you want to fight, actions must come before words." Terasaka slapped Karma hand away from him and stalked outside.

"(Y/N)-chan, are you okay?" asked Nakamura.

"I'm fine. Thanks Nakamura-chan, Karma-kun. What actually just happened?" you asked in return.

"You don't need to know," Karma replied. He approached you and helped you to get up. "It's just a misunderstanding." You nodded and went to your seat. The lesson started not long after that, leaving Terasaka's seat empty.

Right now you and class E are having lunch. You eat with pleasure until...

"What's with all this crying over nothing?" asked Irina.

"No, no-this is my nose. As you can see, my eyes are next to it."

"Are you okay, Korosensei?" you asked. "You better clean that thing, you know."

"I'm sure, (Y/N)-chan. Sorry for making you feel uncomfortable."

Afterward, you heard someone open the door. Korosensei immediately ran to to Terasaka, who opened the door. You didn't pay attention to Korosensei and Terasaka after that. You just ate your food until someone disturbed your lunch like always.

"Looks like it's delicious. You made it?" You turned and met Karma's face. His face was right next to yours—as if he wanted to kiss you. Your face turn red like a tomato.

"Go away Karma-kun!" You harshly pushed him away.


"Let me go! What do you want from me?!" you shouted at the man with white clothes as you tried to escape from his grasp.

"Well, I need you for my backup plan to kill that octopus."

This happened when you're going to the pool with the others. You couldn't tell what Terasaka was thinking. But you and class E just came like Terasaka said. But on the way to the pool, a man with white clothes and a boy with white hair pulled you away from your group. They took you to the some kind of waterfall.

"He'll have to jump in and save the rest of Class E. And when that happens, I will throw you to the water to distract him and Itona will attack him."

"Let me go, you bastard!" You tried everything to get away from this man, but you can't. He is too strong.

Afterwards, you see all your friends at the waterfall and Korosensei saved them one by one. Stop it! He tried to make you fall into his trap! You wanted to tell Korosensei, but it was too late. Itona had already pulled Korosensei into the water with his tentacle.

"Long time no see, Korosensei. What you suck is not an ordinary water. With Terasaka's help, everything went swimmingly," said Shiro. You cursed Terasaka for all what he did.

"And don't try to make a move. If you do, that girl that Itona tied on the tree up there will die," he pointed at you.

"(Y/N)-chan?!" Korosensei and Class E, who already saved, looked at you, shocked.

You still tried to untie yourself. But it wasn't working. It was too tight. You could see that Korosensei was worried about you. You could see also the battle between Korosensei and Itona clearly and class E helping Korosensei. You tried to grab your stainless steel knife that you always hide in your pocket and cut the rope.


You became more panicky when the tree you're bound on was about to fall. Shiro tied you on an old branch on purpose. You were scared. You kept trying to cut the rope but it just made the situation worse.

"Someone, please help me!" you shouted with all the breath in your lungs as you shut your eyes. You felt the rope loosening. You saw that someone was helping to untie you. "Ka-Karma—kun!"

"Yo! Sorry for making you wait."

Just then you felt like crying You have to be strong to hold your tears in. You were still scared. Karma who noticed, enveloped you in his arms. "Just cry! Don't hold it anymore." You cried in the his arms.

Karma's face reddened as you kept crying. Both of you went to the others. The girls look relieved to see that you were okay. Terasaka grabbed Karma's collar and smashed him into the water. You saw their fight and giggled. At least you had people who care about you. You saw Karma smile at you...or maybe it was just your imagination.



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