Chapter three ( In your mind )

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After puting raven to sleep I go and sit on the couch and turn on my mind searching ( its when I can hear every mind link from 10,000 meters away)

I found one that intrested me

-Alpha we have had a killing at 17 lime avenue its mark and beatheny they have been Murded but there child raven isn't here-
The man spoke sternly

-Ok Xavier it must have been that crazy hybrid chick that all the packs have been talking about are there any clues?- the alpha sounded very worried. ohh was the big dog sceared I lauged at my own joke.

Ohh no hybrid chick wait a minute thats me ohh no thats not good I quickly Close the convo station and run up to cheeck on ravin.

/we cant hid here forever Syrin you know that/ ahh cleo was back great

/what would you want me do go straight To the alpha and say hi I'm that crazy hybrid who didn't kill thoughs people. bye talk to you latter no way I'm not doing that cleo you are crazy! ok crazy!/

I blocked her out she was sooo helpful! (Not!)

Thats it I'm sick of this I'm going to walk up to that guy of an alpha and kick His ass and explain that I'm not a crazy hybrid!

/HAHAH GOOD LUCK!/ cleo laughs in my head

/Ugh didn't I block you from my head?!/

/you can't I am YOU! Be smart! Syrin!/

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