The Bad Boy, Cupid & Me [ 7 ]

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♡ Chloe Armel ♡

I woke up with a twinge in my neck. As I awkwardly massaged the spot, I smiled as I thought about the sweet dream I had last night.

I dreamt that I had kissed Reece Carter –and it was beautiful and amazing.

And the best part? Reece had kissed me back.

 I also dreamt that I got my diary back.

Slowly sitting up, I realized I had slept on the floor last night…and my diary was right next to me.

Oh, so it wasn’t a dream.

Great, just great.


☮Reece Carter☮

When I woke up, there were two things that were pissing me off.

1)      The sun.

2)      Chloe.

I lazily turned on the hot water and waited as the shower got to the temperature of my liking. When I got in, I began thinking.


Kissing me to get what she wants?

I feel…used.

Woah easy there Reece, that sounded really girly.

When I got out and grabbed my towel, I looked at myself in the mirror.

That kiss meant nothing to her. She just did it to get her diary back.

But me?

Yeah, that kiss…it wasn’t meaningless to me.


I was late, as usual.

Finishing off my orange juice, I’m out the door and heading towards my baby.

BMW K 1300 S.

Yes, that’s right.The most powerful and fastest BMW the world has ever seen. With an engine output of 129 kW, combined with a curbside weight of 254 kg. The most dynamic performance and sports riding. Combines innovative technology of the highest caliber with outstanding safety features, creating the ultimate motorbike.

Yeah, I’ve done my fair share of research.

Just when I’m about to start it up, I see Chloe rushing outside to the bus stop, where her transportation had left ages ago. She lets out a cry in frustration.

She looks cute when she’s annoyed.

“Oooh, someone call the guards, Princess isn’t happy…did Princess forget to set her alarm last night?”

She walked towards my motorbike and I could see that she was admiring it.

I don’t blame her – everyone stops and stares.

Then her eyes are back on me and I can see her looking irritated again.

“Yeah, thanks to you.”

“Me?” I point to myself and even exaggerate by looking behind me in case she was referring to the bushes or…the mail man?

When I looked back, she was walking away.

“Hey, where are you going?” I call out.

“Away from you!” She yells back. Chloe looks away again, but not before I caught a glimpse of her laughing.

I rev up the engine and ride beside her. I hate riding slow.

And she was walking at snail’s pace.

“If you were walking any slower, you would be going backwards in time.”

She gives me a blank look. “No one asked you to stay.”

“I know, but I like helping damsels in distress.”

“Thanks, but I’ll do just fine without your help.”

“Not true, you don’t even know which bus to take to get to school.”

She stopped walking. Chloe had that expression where you just realize something.

“Crap.” She muttered.

“Oooh Princess swears too!”

She looked at me again, only this time – I think she was thinking of ways to kill me.

“Leave me alone, Carter.”

“Chloe, please, we both know you don’t want that.” I winked.

“Sure, because I like being in the company of an annoying jerk like you.”

“Hmmm; is that how I got you in bed?” Her eyes widened in shock, I gave her another wink “I wonder what the guys will say when the find out you hit on me.”

I think I saw the color drain away from her face, inside, I was doing my best not to laugh. Did she honestly think I’d do that?

“You wouldn’t.”

Again, faking the seriousness, “I would.”

“That’s…that’s so mean! You…you’re going to regret it.” Right now, Chloe was like a kitten who thought she was a tiger. She was just that cute.

“What are you going to do? Date me?”


“Fine, fine, fine, I’ll tell you what.” I called out when I noticed I might have taken the joke too far. Chloe hasn’t spoken to me for three minutes now.

I hate the silent treatment.

“Chloe, chloe, chloe, chloe, chloe, chloe!”


“Hey! You talked to me!”

Okay, bad choice of words. She began ignoring me again.

I rode my bike right in front of her to stop her from walking away.

Chloe threw her hands up in the air, “What?!”

“School starts in five minutes.”


I smirked at her.

“Ride with me.”


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LOL Reece reminds me of a close guy friend from school, he’s a total badass, but he can be the nicest guy ever.
And then the next minute, he’s a jerk.

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