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That is Marcus, the photo is slightly stretched out.

[Please read everything in this warning before you begin.]

This is the side story to Captured. It is not necessary to read that to understand this.

This story most likely won't be as long as Captured, so if that is what you were expecting, i'm sorry, please don't be disappointed.

This story has large time gaps, and more than one.

This story may feel a little rushed to some, but please remember that they have currently been together for two years when this story begins.

This story does contain flashes from the past to help you understand, but far less than Captured does.

This story is rated mature. Please do not read if you can not handle adult content.

There is love and relations between men, meaning male on male action.

There will be violence in this story.

Be prepared for anything.

I'm sorry if I haven't added everything important in here.

This warning may be updated in the future.

Please read the description.

[viewer discretion advised]

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