Fly on the Wall

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Nichole Jonas. That's the name. Now I know. All you ever hear is Jonas BROTHERS. No sister. But here I am. Invisible to the world. Not only do I not exist to everyone on the planet. But my family. Nope. It's all about my brothers. They're the famous ones. They are the talented ones. But I guess it's alright to me. I always liked being by myself. ....LIE.

It wasn't always this and my brothers used to be very close.

Kevin was the brother I could go to for anything. Bullies at school, friend problems, getting on dads good side so I could do something that weekend. Anything and everything.

Joe was the one I could go to when I woke up really early and wanted to do a prank on the others. He was the fun brother. Not that the others weren't fun. He just acted like a kid all the time. And nothing or no one would ever change that. He's still the same way. Just not with me. With the rest of the world.

Nick. My twin. The one who knew everything that would happen before I would tell him. The one who I could go to for anything. Even if it was my period. Or mom and me fighting. He's the one I missed the most from this whole becoming famous thing.

I understand it was their dream. But we made a promise. A promise that we would always stick by each other and stay grounded as a family.

Looks like no one likes to keep promises.