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The Seven Deadly Simpson Brothers

Chapter 28 ~ Trip Pt.2

Looking around it was a really nice place we had come to. It was still chilly, but the sea looked alright and the sea gulls were really giving the place a good atmosphere. There were stalls selling candy floss, hot dogs, ice-cream cones (in this weather) and fish and chips. Not many people were about and I wasn't surprised. It was a cold December Monday morning. There were also more shops down the street, but it looked like we were heading for the sea front.

I realised that Walter had made me change to keep me hidden if needed be. The seven of them were all wearing various coloured hoodies, their hoods pulled up and their hands in their pants.

Guys haha.

I pulled on Walter's sleeve making him look down at me. "I wanna hold your hand." I said childishly.

He took his hand out and gripped mine, I held his left hand to my eye and saw that he really did have cuts on his little finger. 

"I never noticed this before," I commented running my finger along them.

"Oh yeah, that's our gang thing..." Walter said. 

Ahead of us, the guys were turning off onto the beach. I was a little reluctant as it was quite cold, but we followed along anyway. Sitting down on the dunes, I let out a relaxed breath. It wasn't that bad at all. 

We all sat in a loose semi-circle, Walter and Eli on either side of me. 

"Was it you who was moaning last night?" Landon suddenly brought up looking at Severn. 

"Moaning?" he asked.

"You know, whilst you were wanking in the bathroom," Landon went on. 

Severn frowned, "I wasn't wanking or moaning last night."

"That was me," Gio said. "Why?"

"That's weird you shouldn't moan," Landon replied.

"Why not?" he asked.

None of them seemed to care that I was there and hearing every word of this. Another reason why I loved being with these guys, they never held back from talking about some things when I was around.

"Because it's....weak," Landon said.

"How is it weak?" Walter and Eli asked in unison, the two of them narrowing their eyes at Landon. 

"I dunno, it just is."

"Then what do you want me to do? Grunt? Like a pig?" Gio said breaking off into laughter. 

Everyone joined in, then Landon held up his hands, "No guys that's what Phoenix does."

Phoenix's jaw dropped. "I don't grunt."

"Yeah you do," Landon gave him a knowing smile and Phoenix glared back.

Phoenix slapped the back of Landon's head, "You're the weird one, listening to people masturbate."

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