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Pen Your Pride

You're on/ get your period

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Harry: “God what an asshole!” you shout at your husband Harry. HE had just told you how he liked the way your jeans fit. Snugly around your butt. “What? I didn’t say anything wrong, just that I liked your butt. What’s your problem Y/N?” he asks harmlessly. You were on your dot, and had been testy towards him all week, mood swinging like crazy. “I’m sorry Harry, I’m sorry.” you say sadly looking down. He makes an Ahhh sound of realization “It’s that time isn’t it? Now I get it, come here.” he says extending his arms out to give you a hug. “Does it hurt?” he questions making you laugh. You don’t answer his question, but instead kiss his lips.

Liam: “Stop, stop, stop..” you begged your body. You had the worst period cramps. Pain surging through your core constantly. You heard your front door open and Liam call “Y/N? I’m home.” You still chanted to yoursef, scrunching up trying to cease the pain. “Y/N? What’s happened? Are you ok? Crap, what’s wrong?” You smiled at his concern “I just have really bad cramps Liam. They won’t go away.” He gives a small sigh of relief and climbs on the bed next to you. He wraps his arms around you and rubs your stomach trying to get the pain to stop as he humms in your ear, trying to make you feel better.

Zayn: You walked into the bathroom at the mall and checked yourself in the mirror. You were just about to leave when you noticed the red stain on your pants. Color spread through your cheeks as you walked back outside, your purse trying to cover  the stain. You walked over to Zayn “Babe, we need to leave now.” He raises an eyebrow, “Why, we haven’t even gone to the movie yet Y/N.” Zayn, please. We have to go.” “Why?” he asks still not understanding. You whisper in his ear “I started and I have a really big stain on my butt, please we have to leave.” His mouth forms and “O” in understanding. He nods smiling a little and ushers you back to the car, and you say “Sorry about our movie date babe.” He smiles “We can do that at home babe. It’s more intimate anyways.”

Niall: You were like a vacuum when you were on your period, eating almost as much as your boyfriend Niall. You had just opened a new bag of chips when he said “Someone’s hungry. You feeling ok?” You nod stuffing a few chips in your mouth. “Do you want to share?” he asks eyeing the chips. “Nope. These are all mine, Niall.” He frowns “Y/N, you always share with me, why are you not.. oh, nevermind. I know.” You sigh a bit embarrased that he knows you are on your cycle. “Hey, it’s fine alright. Let’s go watch some t.v. ya?” You nod and sit on the couch munchin as he rubs your feet trying to keep you comfy.

Louis: When you woke up in the morning, you had a headache, body ache, and fatigue. You walked slowly to the bathroom, then noticed the blood on your shorts. “Crap.” you mutter to yourself, then you hear Louis yell in shock. “Y/N, are you ok? Did you hurt yourself?” You walk slowly back to the bed still hurting, and see why he is alarmed. Blood has stained the sheets. “Sorry babe, I just started my cycle. Crap, will you go to the store? I really need some stuff, and I am really feeling like shit.” He nods “Sure. I’ll be back.” You strip the sheets then lay back down, trying to keep the pain from spreading. “Y/N, I’m back, and I brought you a surprise.” He hands you the things you asked for pads, Pamprin, but then pulls a box out of the bag. “Hope this makes you feel better.” You open the box and inhale the most delicious smelling cupcake. “Thanks babe. Want half?” He nods and you two eat the cupcake and lay in bed for the rest of the day.

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