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360 with the wrist boyyy..

360 with the wrist boyyy

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Wardell (Stephen) Curry.

I wiped some of the sweat dripping down my face as I chewed on my mouth piece.

Game 5 in the NBA finals and we was up by 10 points. J.R was shooting free throws after a foul was called on Klay. After he missed his two free throws and the ball was back in our hands as the clock winded down to 5.3 seconds. Green passed me the ball as LeBron guarded me, I faked and shot a clean 3 right when the buzzard went off.


I looked up at the score.

Cavs. 91 Warriors. 104

I grabbed a towel walking over to the interviewer.

"So Steph lets talk about the major three's you just shots back to back, you was on fire. How come in game 4 you didn't get much shots explain is LeBron trying to hold you back?"

I coughed. "Uh, I was just trying to get the game going, Putting a stretch inbetween scores. Game 4 I was a bit off-- kinda wasn't in the rhythm as much as I was tonight. And he's going to do what he do. This is the finals were all trying to win this title so we got to do what we got to do. And hopefully we get this win Tuesday!"

After 2 more questions she wished me luck and I was on my way to the locker room. I showered and put on my clothes as the guys all was hype about Tuesday. "We got to get this win Tuesday y'all!" Andre said slapping Shaun's back.

"We are! Fuck what everybody else is saying about Lebron and this history shit, we gotta get this!" Draymond yelled putting on his shirt. I nodded taking everything in. We had one more game, one more. I dapped everyone up about to head out.

"I see y'all at practice tomorrow! This is our time!" I said putting my fist up as they all yelled.

Walking out the locker room I was greeted by my family. I smiled avoiding cameras and interviewers trying to get me to talk, I was ready to go. I gave them all hugs and smiled.

"Congrats dawg, how you feel?" Seth asked looking up from his phone. "Tired as hell.." I said grabbing Riley from Ayesha's arms.

"Hi, daddy!" Riley said touching my cheek.

"Hey baby girl!"

I bent down a bit and kissed Ayesha's lips then kissed Riley's. We started making our way out the back of the arena to avoid fans.

"Dinner at Cheese Cake Factory?" My mother asked as her, Seth, Sydel and my dad walked towards their car.

"Sure, you want to go baby?" Ayesha asked me opening up the passengers side door. I nodded putting Riley in her car seat and jogged over to the drivers side. I started the car and followed my parents car out the Parking lot.

"You ready for game six baby?" Ayesha asked turning the music down.

"Yeah, I'm excited! Being the MVP and all I really need to make a statement and get this championship."

She nodded and Riley giggled in the back.

"LETS GO WARRIORS!" Riley yelled getting a laugh out of both me and Ayesha.

"Respecccttt!" Ayesha yelled afterwards.

I just laughed these two are a mess.


I felt something hit my back as I moved around on the hotel bed.

"Daddy, Daddy! Get upppp" I heard Riley wine.

"Ri-Ri let daddy sleep!" Ayesha said pulling Riley away after she kicked my back a good 20 times.

I sat up and looked at my phone.

"DADDDDYYYY!" Riley yelled jumping back on the bed.

"Yooooo!" I said grabbing and tickling her as she laughed and moved around.

"Where you going today daddy?"

"Practice, why?"

"I jusssst wanted to know cause I feel like I'm getting sickk!"

She fake coughed and dramatically laid out on the bed.

"Nice try little girl!" Ayesha said walking in the room.

I chuckled shaking my head and got up and went to the bathroom to do my daily routine.

Wash my face, Brush my teeth, Piss and Shower!

I wrapped the towel around my waist and made my way out the bathroom. Ayesha was laying on the bed reading a book.

She whistled.

"Someone's looking good!"

I chuckled walking over to her on the bed and kissed her lips.

"Don't I always look good eshaboo?" I asked slipping on my boxers then pants.

She looked at me then her book "I guess you do boo.."

I chuckled and put on my shirt and shoes.

"You was trending all night on Twitter boo!"

"I bet I was boo!"

She laughed "I swear you get on my nerves."

I shook my head, grabbing my gym bag, phone and beats pros.

"Yeah, yeah. But I'm out baby!"

I went over too her and kissed her lips, forehead, cheek and her lips again and she giggled.

"I feel the love, bye baby! Love you.."

"Love you too!"

I walked out the room, grabbed the hotel key and made my way to the door until I heard little feet hitting the hotel wooden floors.

"Daddyyyyy wait!"

I sighed bending down as she ran into my arms and gave me a big kiss.

"Bye daddy, love you!"

"Love you too baby girl, be good for mommy!"

She nodded and ran back towards the couch as I opened the door and headed to the gym.

Time to get this work...

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