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" Let's hope" I sensed worries in his voice as he tried to avoid to look at me.

I didn't notice that I was almost out of my seat so I let myself slowly leak down into it.

The tears started filling my eyes. 

" We are here" Niall said as we drove slowly through the neighbourhood and parked the car.

It was so late that almost no light were in the houses. Accept ours.

Liam parked behind us.

" Let's go inside" Niall said but he didn't have to tell me that twice. 

I got myself loose and then I ran inside.

" Zayn? Zayn were are you?" 

" Shhhhhhh you are gonna wake her up ! She just fell asleep again" Zayn said as he closed Amelia's bedroom door.

" She's alright?" I asked as Zayn walked to me.

" Yes yes ofcourse" Zayn said and took my hands.

" Nothing could happen to her , not under my watch" Zayn smiled.

" Thank you" I let his hands go and wrapped my hands around his neck.

" Thank you thank you"

When I let go I turned around and saw Liam close the door. We were all there accept for Louis and Brittany. But they were safe.

" I need to tell you something" Zayn said serious.

" We too" Niall answered him.

We gathered around the kitchen table.

" Zayn, you go first" I said and Niall nodded his head.

" Alright...." Zayn said and cleared his throat.

" First, the plan got ruined..."

" WHAT?" Harry and Ally yelled at the same time.

" Hold on hold on, let me finish please" Zayn said and rolled his eyes.

" Lenny showed up, so I didn't leave the letter...BUT...Andrea showed up also and saved the day..she said that I was there to pick her up for a date so we walked together across the street and at the end we kissed and..." Now I cut Zayn off.

" WHAT" I rose from my seat and stared at Zayn.

" Let me finish ! please ! " Zayn said again and waited until I sat down again.

" But she said Niall's she's still crazy about you" Zayn looked at Niall..."...but then she I don't know where she left now" Zayn rubbed his neck.

" You don't know where she is ?" I said mad. What if Andrea was with Lenny all this time and now they were together?

" Marissa calm down...Maybe she left Lenny too...or maybe we should go and check on her, you saw the scar on her back" Ally said and looked at me. 

" Wow I'm so not following" Liam said and wided his eyes.

" Ally is right, maybe we should check on her" Harry took Ally's hand.

" Alright but..." I stopped. The lights were off.

" Could someone turn the lights on?" Niall asked.

Someone stood up and tried.

" They won't turn on, the power has been cut off" Liam said confused.

" Niall? Niall where are you?" I searched for his hand. Suddenly I found his hands touch my cheek as he placed a kiss on my lips.

" Let's stay calm Marissa, for the others" He whispered.

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