Dirty Niall Imagine - Drunk Again

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"Okay." I honestly hoped me and Niall could work on whatever needed to be fixed. He cracks a smile, something that I hadn't seen in ages. I give him a faint smile back. His eyes flicker from my eyes to my lips, almost debating if he should kiss me or not. I decided to make the first move and lean in to meet his plump lips. It was a light peck. I pulled in for more giving him short kisses. He tasted sweet. His lips fit perfect with mine. I made the kiss deeper, Niall skimming his tongue lightly across my bottom lip to ask for entrance. I granted him entrance and he explored my mouth with his tongue. We didn't fight for dominance, we just let are mouths work together.

His hands moved from my back, down around my butt and under my thighs. He lifted me and started carrying me back to the bedroom, all the while never breaking the heated kiss.

He lays me on the bed softly up on the pillows, and finally breaks the kiss. His lips travel down my face then to my neck. He alternates between lightly sucking on my neck and then peppering it with kisses. His hair tickling me and warm breath on my neck add to the pleasure.

"I'm gonna show you how much I love you" He looks up at me. Eyes that were once filled with sorrow and regret are now replaced with lust and love. Maybe there was hope for us.

He kisses me once more before slowly removing his old shirt, leaving me in just me panties. He kisses down the valley of my breast and back up to quickly capture my nipple between his soft lips. He gently sucks on it, swirling his tongue around making it go erect. He soon switches to my other boob and does the same thing. I was never the one to be sensitive when it came to breast fondling but the way Niall was doing it could have sent me over the edge.

Little moans escaped from my mouth. This seems to give Niall even more encouragement to continue. He moves from my breasts and leaves a trail of kisses down my stomach till he reached the hem of my underwear. He hooked a finger around the thin garment protecting my most sensitive area. I was ready for him.

He quickly pulls my underwear off and spreads my legs. The sudden gust of cold air on my clit sent shivers through my body causing me to moan. I was beginning to get a little restless and Niall could sense that.

"I'm taking it slow tonight, Love" He whispers, head poked out right between my legs. I do my best to restrain myself from bucking my hips into his face.

Niall blows softly on my clit making me moan even more. He finally took one long lick up my slit and locked his lips around my clit, sucking gently. It felt like a warm ball dropped into the bottom of my stomach and the feeling on euphoria was stronger than ever. He switched up between sucking and lick. This was the best feeling ever. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better Niall pushed a finger in nice and slow, in and out. After a few pumps he added a second finger. I was a little tight considering we haven't had sex in weeks.

"Oh my god" I moan out as he adds a third finger and picks up the pace. I grip onto his hair as he fingers me. My back was arched pushing his face in closer. My breath started to quicken and my moans started to crescendo, I knew I was close.

"Right there, right fucking there," I breathed out. "So fucking close."

Niall curved his fingers in a come hither sort of motion and hit me g-spot. I screamed out and came all over Niall's face and fingers. Best orgasm ever. Niall licked my clean. My legs shaking from the hardest orgasm I ever had in my entire life. As I tried to catch my breath, Niall started to kiss back up my body whispering "I love you" between every peck. Once he finally got to my face he looked me in the eyes. Those bright eyes that showed so much emotion, love, hurt, regret, and lust.

"I'm so sorry." Before I had a chance to respond with anything he kisses me. It feels as though everything he's feeling was being poured into the kiss. This kiss held so much passion. It was deep. His tongue felt so good against mine, hints of my juices salting up his tongue almost balancing out the usual sweetness of his kisses. It was minutes but felt like hours that we kissed. His hands roamed my body as I brushed my fingers through his hair over and over again. Having to stop for air, we both pull back. Chests heaving against one another, eyes locking together again.

"Are you ready?" He asked cocking an eyebrow up.

"Yeah." I huffed out. I found it sincere that he asked if I was ready. He probably is still hesitant on touching me. It was a step back, but we were still moving forward to what we use to be.

Niall discarded his clothes and looked down to position himself at my entrance. He teasingly rubs the tip up and down my folds before pushing in. It was a stretch for me so I closed my eyes waiting for the awkward feeling to pass. Once he saw I was ready he started to pump in and out. He pushed into me completely, filling me up like no one could ever do. We were like a puzzle when it came to sex. Two different pieces fitting together perfectly to become complete.

Niall spread my legs apart a little wider, and then rested his elbows on each side of my head. He thrust becoming deeper. I keep bucking my hips to meet his. Niall and I never took it this slow, maybe once, but that was awhile ago. It felt good because I could actually feel him and be more intimate.

He rested his forehead on mine giving me small little pecks every now and then. Moans were coming from both of our mouths.

I started clenching around his cock, making even more moans fall from his mouth.

"I know you want to take it slow babe," I huffed out in-between breaths, "but I need you to go faster."

One quick nod of the head and Niall picked up his pace. He sat up, while staying inside me, and hooked his arms under my knees to help him go faster. Soon enough Niall was rocking into me so hard I had to grip the sheets.

"Fuck." He cried out bending his head backwards and shutting his eyes.

"I'm close Niall." I whimper.

"I'll get you there, babe."

He bent back down going even faster than before hitting my g-spot with every thrust. Niall takes his thumb and pointer finger and rolls my clit between the two fingers adding even more to the pleasure. That warm fuzzy feeling was building up in my stomach and spreading all over my body. He bent down to kiss me then mumbled on my lips "Come for me"

I came on him and I came hard. Second powerful orgasm of the night. The feeling so strong I couldn't see straight for a couple seconds. I guess my orgasm was enough to set Niall off and he released too. Groans coming from deep inside his throat. His eyes were shut once again and his head dropped into the crook of my neck.

He collapsed on top of me, all his body weight shifted on me keeping me warm. I didn't care that he was somewhat squishing me, I just wanted to stay close to him. His leaves multiple sloppy kisses on my neck as we both try to regulate our breathing. After about 10 minutes or so he looks up once again staring at me with those blue eyes that hold so many emotions.

"I love you so fucking much. You are my world and I am willing to give up everything I have just to keep you." He pushed back the strands of hair that had fallen onto my face. "I love you just please never doubt that. I am so sorry" His voice started to crack once again and before he could start crying I take his face in my hands to bring him in for a kiss. I give him one of those kisses that take your breath away.

"We are gonna get through this, I just know." And I felt like I did know. The determination of Niall wanting to put this relationship back together and all the love he just gave to me I had a feeling there was some hope for us.

Niall grabbed my hips and rolled off of me while pulling me into him. He wrapped his arms around my back and I cuddled into his chest.

I looked up to get one last look of his face before I went to sleep. When I look up he was already staring back at me.

"I love you." I say up to him.

"I love you too, more than you can imagine." He said while giving my lips one last peck. I nuzzle my body closer to his as his grip tightens. I think to myself that I finally got my Niall back. There was hope for us getting back to where we were and I was glad about that. I start thinking about all the things me and Niall can do to get back to those days where we first sparked and slowly drift off to sleep.


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