Chapter 2: What About Love

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You've been hiding, never letting it show

Always trying to keep it under control

You got it down and you're well on your way to the top

But there's something that you forgot

What about love?

Don't you want someone to care about you?

What about love? Don't let it slip away

~"What About Love" Heart

Adriana was on a mission. If there was one thing she lived for, it was a challenge, especially when the challenger was Roman.

Even though she had been at boarding school for a while, she still knew Roman a lot better than he thought. After all, they were both children of the Founding Four families, who themselves had been friends for generations. He might say he didn't want a girlfriend, but it was only because a) he was under the impression girls only liked him for his looks and/or money, which is fair, since most of them did, and b) he hadn't met the right girl yet. Adriana was sure there had to be at least one girl in the world who was right for him, and she was going to make damn sure she found her. After all, Roman was like another brother to her, and she hated seeing him so cold and emotionless all the time when she knew he was sweet guy deep down inside.

Way deep down inside. He just needed someone to trigger that part of him, and what better way to start the search for the Perfect Girl than at Valesca itself?

The sound of her Manolo Blahnik kitten heels echoed through the empty halls, but she was so deep in thought she barely noticed. The mission wasn't going to be an easy one, she knew.

As the sole heir to the largest private fortune on the planet, Roman had been spoiled beyond comparison in terms of material means, but his parents, though they loved him in their own way, were a bit lacking in emotional affection. Basically, Roman had never really known what love was or how people in love were supposed to act or, let's face it, that there were people truly in love in the first place. The walls he'd built up against the opposite sex were layers thick, and whoever wanted to break them down needed to be tough.

Adriana ran through the requirements of the perfect girl in her mind. Physically speaking, she needed to be attractive enough to at least capture Roman's temporary interest, until he got to know her better. Physically, she knew his type—he tended to prefer exotic brunettes over all-American blondes.

That wasn't a problem. What the town's female population lacked in sincerity they more than made up for in looks.

Personality-wise, Perfect Girl needed to be able to speak her mind but at the same time not be too aggressive; intelligent; able to carry out a real conversation, and possess a lack of superficiality or pretense.

Now, that ruled out a lot of girls in Valesca.

Well, I'll just have to focus on the easy part first, Adriana decided, changing direction mid-stride and heading towards the administration wing of the school instead of the DC.

The student life office was pretty quiet when she arrived, which was a good thing. Unlike her brother and his friends, she didn't particularly revel in flaunting her power in front of others. That was the good thing about boarding school; she didn't have to worry about others treating her different just because she was a Perry.

Then again, there were definite perks to the title, especially when she needed a favor. Like now.

"Hi!" the office assistant simpered, immediately standing up when she saw who just came in.

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