Chapter 25"Mazes and Monsters"

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The Appulse

Many prophecies speak of the coming Appulse, when events from all corners of the Megaverse will intersect on Earth and come to a head. Unlike many ambiguous prophesies, this one seems to come from hundreds of sources across the globe. While some of these prophesies are more detailed than others they are all on the same level as the Great Cataclysm.

- University of New Lazlo Database (Updated 100 PA)

Thunder, Frost, Fire, and Death converge on the old city. All of time, space, and reality come together in a singular moment... an Appulse of chaos. After that I see nothing.

- The Collected Prophecies of Tamara Walker


Hetra 3

"Run, you bastards...through the portal!" Walter screamed.

The Needles passed by him in small groups to safety in Jotunheim. Walter, and two of his warriors, covered the withdrawing warriors from continued attacks of the insect creatures. In their unarmored form they reminded Walter of the Thorns, except larger and more bestial.

"Sir," Gren said, stopping in front of Water and coming to attention while his men and women continued through the portal, "this is the last group."

"Good," Walter said, his eyes locked on the last twenty Needles making for the portal. They only needed to hold out for a minute more. Behind them hundreds of the monsters pressed their pursuit. "Once they're through, we set the warhead timer and make our escape; those things are finished."

Just then the Needles radio circuit erupted to life. The voice was speaking one of the many languages in which Lord Marku demanded his Captains and Lieutenants be fluent. This one was the ancient tongue of Dragonese, and while Walter understood and spoke it fluently, it was clear it was not the broadcaster's native tongue.

"Help us. Save us. Trapped long time by enemy. Save young ones. Please help we dying!"

The radio signal was punctuated by a sharp pain in Walter's head and a singular vision. A tower, clearly in the wreaked city they'd passed through, but unlike the others, this one was clearly inhabited and defended. Warriors in cream and grey colored armor manned the walls of the stronghold. The image was followed by a familiar voice; a voice Walter would have known anywhere... the voice of Lord Marku.

You must help them, Walter. These people are important for what comes next. Do not be afraid, my son; go to them. Help is coming.

"Damnit," Walter growled. "This is the last thing we need right now."

"What is it, Walter?" Hasani asked as the women emerged from the other side of the portal with swords drawn for battle.

Gren raised his eye at the lack of an honorific, but said nothing. The Kankoran Captain could sense the change in the relationship between his lord and the female warrior.

"Gren, take the rest of the Needles through to the other side, you're in charge until I return," Walter said, his eyes locking with Hasani's. There was no need for him to explain anything to her.

"Sir," Gren said, freezing in place and glaring at his commander. "I can't do that, my lord."

Walter fought the urge to be harsh with his right-hand warrior. The monsters were approaching and there was little time. "I need you on the other side, Gren. Our people need you, especially if I don't make it back. One of us must be there when the real battle commences."

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