chapter 2: My First job.

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Michael human from. ✌

Michael's P.O.V

I walked in my wolf wanting water as I see a pink an white with gray colored bird looking over at me, its so beautiful. Wow.
I smile but kept walking to the human world for now...

Hours pass as I find a road. Wait a ROAD! Thank god! I sigh an see the bird again...beautiful.

"Will! Stop ignoring me!" I hear humans say as I shifted into human and stab myself in the arm almost everywhere an throw away the thing I stabbed myself with.

"Ahh!" I yell in pain as I fall naked as they turn to see what it was and the lady scream loudly running to me with the man I layed there eyes closed gilting my teeth. "Oh god your all dirty and stabbed by something!" The lady says almost crying.

"what's your name son?" The man says normally. "M-Michael.." I say panting. He scoffs...did he just scoff? Asshole! "O-ow." I pretend to be hurt now. "Your not any help will..." The lady says angrily as she pushed him out of they way. I open one eye as he looks Our eyes meet as I look away to the girl she is beautiful as well.

"Let's get some cloth from my place and you can stay there until you find a place to live in." The nice lady says happily. I hear the man so called Will curse under his breathe. They both helped me up an walked to their car that was a little to far and after drove away to a unknown place called home to them. I spend the whole day inside wearing some cool cloth from the guy and guess what! We are the same size..

"Michael ima go to work so I'll see you later you can stay here or do whatever outside like going to town, a few miles away its not to long anyways, bye." Thania says waving happily wow...such a happy lady. I smile an say okay as a response. An Hour pass as I leave off to town to find a job and get a place for myself.

I walk sighing seeing what store needs a person like myself. I read one called 'liquor market' what? I shrug as I ask the young man if I can work here as I was asking a elderly woman came out smiling her wrinkles show more when she smiles.

"Oh hello young boy..are you asking for a job and your new here huh? I never seen you here darling." She says. I smile not wanting to be rude.

"Yeah I'm new here just looking for a job mam'." I say nervouly not sure if she'll give me this job.

"Oh well you can work here my boy, haha you'll get paid 11 an hour for 6 days a week." She says smiling again,I see her wrinkles again.

"Oh thank you mam'." I say shaking her hand smiling happily. Hell yes my first job.

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