Waking up to a Nightmare

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So this is chapter 5 of my Winx fanfic! I would love to thank DoltForTheVine007 for actually commenting and making me believe I should continue this story. Please continue reading everyone who is!


I awoke to a horrible pain in my head, and the sound of voices coming from a bit away. I shook my head and tried to move but found myself to be bound tightly to the rock I was sitting against. I struggled for a few seconds but all that did was aggravate my skin, causing it to get a nasty rash. I sighed and looked around. I gasped as I recognized one of the many Lynphea caves I used to explore when I was younger. 

"What in the world am I doing here?" I grumbled to myself and strained to hear the voices. Of course I recognize them as Icy, Darcy, and Stormy.

"So witches. Do we all agree? Have some fun with her before we go on with the plan? And transmit it to the others so they have even more of a reason to get their fairy butts over here?" I heard Icy say, a smirk apparent in her words.

"Of course!" I heard Darcy exclaim, and their voices were getting closer. I glared my best at them when they came in, but I knew they could see the fear in my eyes.

"Hey Miss. Flower! How's your day going?" Stormy asked sarcastically, laughing at me.

"Why are we in Lynphea? And what do you want with me? And-" I cut off as Icy grabbed my face harshly.

"We ask the questions alright. Not you." With that she flung my head away like it was a dirty tissue and I gasped as I almost hit my head on the rock behind me. Then the three witches started stalking around me like sharks, and after two rotations, Icy stopped and stood in front of me. Stormy stood on her right and Darcy on her left. I looked at them confused but kept quiet.

Icy then waved her hand and some kind of screen of ice came out of nowhere and it showed my friends racing back to Alfea, to come find me.

"Alright. I'm now turning on our side of the picture." Icy said and waved her other hand. "Hey fairies!" She shouted at the screen. My eyes grew wide as they stopped and got in a fight formation.

"I heard you Icy! Where are you?" Bloom snarled. Icy rolled her eyes and the screen seemed to move out of the shadows and my friends gasped as they spotted the screen.

"We are right here Bloom." Darcy said, smirking. All my friends started to look very angry.

"What have you done with Flora?!" Stella shouted, her fists up as if she was going to punch the screen.

"She's right here." Stormy sneered. With that the Trix moved out of the way and all my friends screamed out my name as the saw me bound to the rock.

"You let her go right now!" Layla growled. Icy pretended to think for a few seconds before shaking her head.

"No I don't think we will. And before you ask why Darcy will just go ahead and explain." Icy took a step back as Darcy stepped forward.

"See fairies. Here on Lynphea, Flora has a lot more power in her. This is a benefit to us. That way we can extract more magic from her. Also, Miss. FlowerPower has more magic than you think. You see, Nature is one of the main magic. And she has a lot of it stored in that petite body of hers. But. You all do have a chance to save her. If you think you have time to that is." Darcy explained.

"Why wouldn't we have time?" Stella asked.

"Yeah. My calculation says that we have a 89% of getting there on time!" Techna added.

Icy shook her head, smirking. "Because. To extract the magic, we have to weaken Flora first. Which as you fairies call it, torture, is called fun to us. An example could be this."

I screamed in pain as Icy shot ice straight at me, it hitting my arms and legs, creating little cuts.

"FLORA!!!!" My friends shouted and rushed at the screen, but it just scooted back so they all fell on their faces.

"You monsters!" Musa shouted.

Stormy and Darcy shook their heads while Icy stepped forward again.

"Look fairies, we are going to give you a show right now alright? Call us whatever you want. But just know. Anything you call us, might cause to get angrier and hurt Flora more." She snarled, and Stormy shot a lightening bolt at me and a scream ripped past my lips. My friends shouted angrily and tried to continue to Alfea but the screen floated to block their way. I had one eye shut in pain and was breathing heavily as I watched my friends look at me with anguish.

"I'm alright guys! It's-" I started to say when when Stormy kicked me in my stomach, causing me to gasp and cough a lot.

"Shut up fairy!" She shouted at me and I flinched. Icy sneered at me and snapped her fingers. Darcy's eyes started to glow and potted plants started to drift into the room. I took one look at them and started to whimper.

"Please... please no... Not that..." I begged and my friends looked confused.

"What do those plants have to do with anything witches?" Musa said, hands on hips.

Darcy smirked and pointed at one of the plants and a purple beam left her finger and blew the plant to bits. I let out a high pitched scream as the plant's pain cursed through me like a wrecking ball, and I strained against my ropes in pain.

"What did you do?!" Bloom shouted. And this time Stormy decided to be smart and answered before Darcy could.

"Since Flora is a Nature fairy she has a special connection to plants. Because of this she can feel the pain of plants. So anything we do to the plants..." She paused to snap her fingers and a small lightening ball destroyed part of one of the plants, causing me to squeak loudly, and buck against the ropes. "... she feels as if we did it to her."

"You sick witches! Stop this right now!" Stella said, a tear leaking out of her eye. The witches ignore her and contemplate on what to do next. Icy then sends icicles straight at the plants and I bit my lip to keep from hollering as the plants cry out to me, their pain, clouding my thoughts.

"Please... Stop... Please..." I whisper and starts to cry. Stormy walks up to me and I flinch as she bends down to my level.

"We will not stop. Never will we stop till we have all your power." She sneered in my face.

"You only do this because you know we are stronger than you and are afraid of us." I hiss at her, a bit stunned by my own words. She stares at me for a few seconds before her face contorts with anger and she slaps me hard across the face. I gasp as my head whips to the side, and tears cloud my vision.

"Never. Ever speak to me like that again wench." She snarled at me and kicked me over and over. I squeaked as each one connected, either in my stomach or legs. Icy and Darcy smiled and continued to hit the plants with their powers. Soon I couldn't concentrate on my friends shouting for them to stop and my whole being was ruled by the pain. Screams left my lips so often I couldn't tell one from another... After awhile, my friends and I were all horse from shouting so much, and the Trix were smiling as I sat, limp, and in extreme pain. Cuts riddle my body from Icy's icicles and my insides felt like mush from all the pain excreting from the plants.

My friends are all crying, even tough Layla is crying slightly.

"Oh Flora..." Stella says, her mascara smeared all over her face. The witches laugh evilly and turn to my friends.

"If you all wish to get here before more of this happens you should hurry." Icy said and before my friends could say anything she waved her hand and the screen disappeared. I sat, my head leaning against the rock and I tried my best to glare at the witches.

"You will never get away with this..." I muttered at them and they all laughed.

"Flora. We kinda already have." Stormy said and sent one last lightening bolt at me. I didn't even have the strength to scream and before I could pass out again, the witches all sneered at me in a way that looked like they were staring at their last meal.

Please... Please hurry my friends... I think before my world goes dark once again.

Chapter 5 done! XD Please comment and tell me if it is good or not!

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