My New Family Problems--18

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My New Family Problems

Chapter 18

My daddy ended up stopping by at the same time that I came down stairs to get something to eat which was about 3 hours after I had gotten home.

"Emberlee!" My mother yelled since she didn't notice I was standing right behind her. She turned around to yell again, but froze once she saw me. "Oh good. Your father is here."

"Tell him I don't want to see him." I said and walked into the dinning room where Zane was sitting with the Grandfathers. "Where's Jamison?" I asked to no one in paticular.

"He had to be a work. What's up with the sour mood?" Zane asked.

"What's up with you skipping school?" I replied, ignoring his question and walked into the kitchen because I really didn't want an answer, but he followed me anyway.

"Kyle was looking for you and I happened to be there so I figured that I'd go tell your parents. Jamison came back from work just as the school called to say you weren't in class and they went to go get you. Plus I needed to propose to you." He said with a smirk on his face.

I sighed and my shoulders slumped. Then I thought of how it was either me or Zarah and I smiled a fake smile to Zane. "Yes."

"What?" He asked confused.

"My answer." I told him with the fake smile STILL plastered on my face.

"Your answer is yes?" He asked stupidly with shock written all over his face.

I nodded. "Look I don't want to hate you cause all it does is make life harder, but I don't want to marry you. I was forced into this and I will fight back against it, but at least I don't want to HATE you anymore. I dislike hating people." I told him honestly with a shrug.

"So we're friends?"

"I wouldn't go that far. Also you do know I'm ONLY doing this because I don't want this forced on Zarah."

He smirked. "I know that."

I turned around and grabbed an apple. "Want to do me a favor?" I asked hopefully.

"Anything for you babe."

"Okay two things, well four actually. One I'm not your babe, two I'm not a pig, three I'm still with Kyle and four I need you to drive me back to school."

"Why to school?"

"I have Braylon's keys still."

"Let him walk." Zane said dismissively.

"Oh and let the twins walk too? I don't think so." I snapped. "And if you don't drive me I'll just have to walk." I started walking towards the door when suddenly I was picked up and thrown over someone's shoulder. "BOY YOU PUT ME DOWN NOW!!!!!!" I screamed at Zane. 

"Not gonna happen wifey." He replied and I could almost HEAR his smile.

"I'm not your wife Zane." I sighed in defeat because he was WAY stronger than me.

Zane corrected me. "Yet my lovely. You are not my wife yet."

When we got to school I barely waited for the car to stop before I got out and rushed to get inside, but Zane had other ideas. I was lifted off my feet and once again slung over his shoulder. "Zane!" I screamed as he walked us inside and down the hallway. "Zane!" I screamed again and this time a door opened.

"Zane what are you doing?"

"Oh dad, hello."

"What are you doing?" Mr. O asked again.

Zane shrugged still holding me up on his shoulder. "Zane put me down! Your should is painful." I whined. He chuckled but put me down. He then took my left hand and slipped a ring on it. I turned away as he showed his father.

"She said yes?"

"Do I even have a choice?" I mummbled, still looking away.

"No I guess not. Now I have to get back to my class." And with that Mr. O shut his door in our faces.

"Now....that was .....pleasant?" I tried to state, but it ended up coming out as a question. I shook my head and started walking down the hall to Bray's class. Again I knocked on the door, but this time the teacher was nice.

"Yes Miss what can I help you with?"

"Yes, can I talk to Braylon Loyd for a few moments. I promise it won't take long."

"Oh yes of course. Braylon!" She called and he stepped out of the class room.

"Oh hey Emmi. Whats up?"

"I couldn't get ahold of Robin, so I'm bringing your car keys and phone back." I handed him his things.

"Why didn't you just keep it? I'm going to see you in about 20 minutes anyway."

"Ummm I got caught out in your car and my mother and Jamison where called. So they made me go home and I made Zane bring me so that I could give you, your keys."

He looked at me in disbelief. "Zane brought you here?"

"Yes actually I did." Zane said as he came up behind me and wrapped his arm around my shoulers. I shrugged them off. "i'd do anything for my wife."

"UGH! Boy I am NOT your wife!"

"Don't snap at me and you will be soon." He smirked, holding up my left hand.

I looked at Bray sadly. "It's not like I have a choice."

"No." He replied, but I could see the gears of his head turning. He had an idea and I wanted to hear it.

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