Chapter 1- Goodbye Everyone

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Normal POV- Destruction, destruction was everywhere. Only caused by 7 dragons. All because a one man from the future, despert for power, so much power he'll kill his best friend. That mans name was.. Rogue Cheney. The shadow plus light dragon slayer from the guild called Sabertooth.

"Lucy, there is only one way to send the dragons back to their own timeline, it has to be you who does this, nobody else okay" a young girl with jade green hair and eyes said, grabbing the shoulders of a blond haired womam about the same age.

The blonde female called Lucy nodded, "i needed you to go back in time, to 400 years ago with the dragons *sigh* and the 12 Golden Zodiac keys, including the Serpent Bearer" the jade haired person said, she was called Huisi (A/N sorry if its the wrong spelling). The princess of Firoe.

"Yukino, i'm sorry but she'll those keys" Huisi turned around and told a white haired woman with blue eye. She nodded, tears streaming down her face as she handed her keys to Lucy.

"it's okay i understand, you already have contracts with most of the Zodiac already, please look after them for me" she said inbetween sobs.

"you don't have to tell me already, idoit" Lucy siad, smiling at Yukino, having tears stream down her face as she accepted the keys from Yukino.

"tell Fairy Tail not to worry about me and that i love them, also they'll always be my heart" the blonde said, getting up and walked to the Eclipse doors that dragons slowly kept coming out of. Just before she went through the huge black doors. She put on a black hodded cloak with a red bottom with Fairy Tail's guild symbol on it. She also looked back and looked around taking one last glampse. Then walked into the white shining light.

Seconds later, pink glowing ropes came out and went straight to every dragon, pulling into the doors. Bringing Future Rogue with the dragons.

"yeah, then dragons are all gone" everyone celebrated except for two people. Princess Huisi and Yukino.

"hey guys why aren't you celebrating like everyone else, huh, where's Luce, i can't see her anywhere" asked a pink haired boy.

"L-L-Lucy *sob* w-w-went b-back in time to 400 years ago t-to save us" Yukino cryed, during her speech, people from other guilds came to them and heard what she said.

"Luisi" a blue blue cat said, tears coming out of his big black eyes. "Luce, iy can't be you're lying, she would never leave us with out saying goodbye" the pink haired boy called Natsu grabbed Yukino's collar and screamed in her face.

"she told us tell you that Fairy Tail shouldn't worry about her and that she loves you all, also that you'll always be in her heart" Huisi told them, head facing the ground.

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