Chapter 1: Hatred

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Michael wolf form

Michael's P.O.V

I walk in my wolf form around my pack Called Light Blood ..My pack members giving me glares, death stares ect...

"Oh look there is the weakling." Hike pointed at me as my ears flatted back an growled lowly while everyone laughed at me throwing rocks or whatever they can reach for.

"oh look he growled!" Brittany says with her girly high pitch annoying voice as I whines at her voice. They shifted into there wolf form,there were 3 inches taller but still young.

My eyes widen seeing them all coming at me at once I go into my attack position as they clawed me and they bit my fur slightly I look up an see a paw coming closer to my throat. I know it was the end of life for me.

"STOP FIGHTING!" the Alphas voice boomed an it was scary they all bowed their head in respect as I stay panting heavily looking away not bowing why should I bow for that bastard!

"Bow down now Michael!" The alpha growled I know he only had mind linked me only I scoff and walked away as I hear a loud growl an snarled I sniff the air turning see the alpha in his wolf form as I back up scared but I shake it off I growled back not wanting to summit to him.

He bolted to me fast as I gasp and run down to the woods fast before I get killed I know I'm a little bitch for running but my wolf is like a pup I'm actually 19 years old to be honest I haven't found my mate I bet she/he will reject me for my wolf an human form.

I run an run hearing snarls/ growls behind me as I see a river the line of this pack they can't enter the other side I feel so happy that I know if I cross I'm not gonna be killed! I get into the river struggling to cross but make it. I look behind as I see the alpha an beta with other pack members they all had hatred in their eyes. I know they hated me my whole life I wasn't born without any parents I didn't see how my mom or dad looked but I heard rumors that I look like my mom a lot, my face, Hazel light blue gray eyes, her cute pinkish kinda pointy nose, her pale skin, Honey light brown hair, and same cute smile an laugh.

I turn around walking away not knowing what to feel sad or happy.

"Goodbye Michael.." The alpha says with emotion I can't explain it and it hurt me as I whimper.

"Bye." I say through the mind link only me and him can have our own chat and no one can hear. I slightly look back tears coming down, The alpha's eyes widen an shake it off as he growls loudly become emotionless cold hearted person again. I bolted away in pain but stop knowing I was out of there sight.

"Free at last." I say looking up at the sky.

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