"I Have One Weird Family..."

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The very next day I knew I needed some expert advice. It's not that I don't know love, anyone could ask me for some love advice and they'd be fine after that. But when it comes to helping myself, I'm totally screwed. And since I knew I was totally screwed, I didn't talk to Alex all day. I ignored all the looks he was giving me with his beautiful brown eyes and just kept pretending like I was working on something. So I went to the Cap. 6th period as soon as everyone left the room to go home.

"What's bothering you kid?" He asked.

Nope, I hadn't even said a word that even suggested I was upset in anyway. I acted like nothing was wrong in the world, when it felt like mine was suddenly twirling way faster than I would have liked it to be. And yet he knew and it scared me how unsurprised I was. Like I expected him to already know.

"So, uh... So let's just say there was this guy that... may or may not like this girl... and he makes her all these promises that she's gonna be okay and that he's not gonna let anything happen to her and that he'll always be there for her... And then he... kisses... her, after basically telling her how he feels through a song that they both sang... And that guy has always been one of her best friends and that girl isn't particularly an expert at love but the whole time she was with him made her feel all gooey and now she doesn't know how to talk to him because she doesn't know what she feels exactly since she's not good at that stuff so she's avoiding him and what does she do Cap.? That is all so weird to her..."

The Cap. just stared at me with an amused look on his face.

Apparently my rambling is funny to him.

I started to feel awkward and kind of embarrassed really. I could feel my face turning a bright, fluorescent red, so I dropped my head and said,

"W-what if she likes him..?"

"Then maybe she should tell him..." a voice behind me said.

I cringed. Nope, not looking back. I looked at the Cap., pleading him to help me through all this awkwardness.

"Well she definitely shouldn't be avoiding him like she is."

Really, Cap.?! Was that seriously, 100% necessary?!

"Agreed." The voice said.

"If this said girl felt all quote on quote, gooey, I think that means she may like him. And knowing her, I think she knows very well what love is, she just doesn't know it. I mean she shows it to everyone everyday." The Cap. said.

I looked down and my hand was tapping in sets of five...

And then he got up really close and whispered,

"I think he might really like you kid. It's something I've been noticing a lot lately. It's in the way he looks at you and talks about you. Think about it, something like that is special. I'm not talking to you as a teacher, I'm saying this as the second Dad I am to all of you guys. I wouldn't be telling you this if I didn't care."

Then he straightened up and murmured,

"Go talk to him, I'll tell the others you weren't feeling well so Alex took you home early."

I thanked him, gave him a shaky hug, and walked out, taking a deep breath, and wiping my sweaty hands on my pants.

He took my guitar, but other than that we didn't really acknowledge each others' presence until finally, we were back at the pier.

"I'm sorry-" we both said at the same time. We just stared at each other. I took this time to take in every detail of Alex's face. His hair was punk rock long, but it looked good on him. That shade of brown complemented his light brown eyes. He wasn't super dark, but he had a nice tan to him. His outfits always consisted of a band shirt and jeans. He always wore the leather cuff with the Grains Of Sand logo on it. The matching one to the one he gave me.

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