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Hi guys, i made a change in the story. There will be no 24 chapters because i forgot that their going to sleep and that kind of things. It's sounds silly, but I want to make this story so realistic as possible. So i'm going to see how many chapter there will be.

Enjoy x


Isabella pov

'5 minutes to go.' The voice said.

'But we need two to go!'I shouted to Sergio. I am a atletic but I hate heights and I'm suck at climbing. I feel sorry for Sergio that i'm his partner for this bullshit.

'I found it.' He shouted.

I tried to catch my breath and forced myself not to look down. I know i'm very high, but it's better if I don't look. Sergio climbed to me and smiled.

'How can you be so good at climbing?' I asked him.

'Because I hate cold showers.'

'Me to'

'Why are you so slow?' He said while pulling his eyebrow.

'Because... I don't know.' I sighed. He throw the second flag on the ground without looking.

'I thought you we're afraid of hights.'

'I am.' He mumbled. 'It's just, i don't look how high I am.'

I nod. 'I'm also forcing myself not to look.'


'Ok monkey, where next?'

He looked at me and frowned his eyebrows. 'How did you just call me?'

'Are you deaf?' I snapped.

'I will make you deaf.' He laughed.

I rolled my eyes and climbed. Searching for one damn red flag. How do they want us to find three freaking red flags in 15 minutes and for a bonus. In a mountain jungle.

'In a mountain jungle?' Sergio bursted in laughter. I looked at him questionly. O my, i thought out loud.

'Yes you did.'
I hold my laughter and looked at Sergio that was forcing himself not to look down. Thank god he helped me with this, because if he didn't I wouldn't made it a little from the ground.
But my curious fell over me and my body was screaming because I need to know how high i am at the moment.

Slowly I turned my head and lost control and slipped.

My hand reached a stone where i could hold. My lungs were litterly in my throat.
'Isabella hold on!' I could hear Sergio scream.

My body couldn't work with my head, i didn't had any energy in my body. It was to much but i tried and than i heard a sound. A sound that filled my ears when i felt the ground.

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