Chapter 4

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After school was over, I was off. I got a pretty blue dress for tonight, and some cute black high heels. Hopefully I wasn't too dressed up, but I thought it looked cute.
At least they hid the scars so that Levi wouldn't have to worry about that. Have to worry about that...
I HAD ALMOST FORGOT! Jean was still mad at me, and I probably should've cleared that up. I ran to my backpack and got my phone out of the front pocket. My fingers quickly danced over the keyboard.
F/n : Jean, about lunch. I didn't mean what I had said. I still look up to you as a brother and I hope you look up to me as a sister. What I'm trying to say is that I really am sorry. Forgive me?

And send. I waited for his response. And his response was way more surprising than what I thought it would've been.

Jean: f/n, I forgive you. It's just that...well I don't look up to you as a sister...I kinda see you as my girlfriend, and seeing you with another guy makes me mad. I hope you understand that I'm not mad at you and everything's cool. See you at school tomorrow.

Whoa. My heart was racing faster than a sports car. I didn't really see him as my boyfriend...but...ugh. It was way confusing. Just...focus on the date!

-knock knock-
"Coming!" I checked my hair and put on some lipstick really quick and opened the door.
"Hi!" I smiled and then I blushed...he was in a tuxedo.
"Hopefully I didn't dress up too much..." He rubbed his neck.
"No no, it's ok! So where did you want to go?" You asked.
"Well, here I'll take you." He said as he grasped your hand and led you to his car, which was a nice black fancy car, parked right in front of your house.
"God how rich are you?" He laughed.
"My parents own huge companies. No big deal really."
"No big deal?!?!?" You said amazed.
He just laughed again and opened the door for you. You climbed into the passenger seat and waited for him to start the car, and then you were off.

After eating at a really good restaurant, Levi brought you somewhere pretty. It was a nice big tree, and if you say underneath it you could see the prettiest stars...
"Do you come here often?" You asked as you say down.
"Yes, actually." He replied as he sat next to you and held your hand.
To you, this was now normal. You'd been hanging out for a couple months.
"Hey f/n...." He blushed.
"What's up?"
"I um...well let me show you and maybe you could understand." Before you could answer or even say anything, he gave you a good long kiss. At first you were surprised but then returned the kiss.
"So I assume you feel the same way about me?" He smirked.
"I guess so." I giggled.
"Let's get you home and then you can come over to my place for awhile."
"Ok cool!"

After you got dressed into a nice comfy shirt and sweatpants, you walked back over to Levi's. When he opened the door he smiled.
"Come in!" He was happy. And you felt the same. Maybe he was troubled too? You say down on the couch.
"Can I see something?"
"Of course!"
He then sat next to you and lifted up your shirt to see your cuts again.
"I don't like to talk about it."
"Well I didn't want to tell you about my dream but I told you anyways."
You sighed. "Fine. My parents abuse me and so do the people at school..."
"Like Annie?"
"Like Annie. She's just like my mom."
"I'll protect you, no matter what ok...girlfriend."
"Ok boyfriend." You both smiled.
"Like you aren't beaten up enough..." He said.
"Hey lay off! I stopped ever since I met you..." That's when you both blushed.
"Love you too. Wanna stay the night? Do you feel safer?"
"Yeah actually..." And with that you fell asleep with him stroking your hair.

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