"Eat." I tell him pushing a sandwich towards him and once again he pushes it away stating he is too busy. 

Currently, I am in the back office with Dom, trying to get him to eat something counting he never ate breakfast or anything so I am trying to get him to eat. So I step in front of him between him and the desk and I look down at him as he huffs looking up at me. 

"I'm trying to work," Dom tells me. 

"And you will," I say with a smile, "after you eat."

I hand him the plate with the sandwich and he grabs it and takes a bite looking at me and I shake my head motioning all of it. He rolls his eyes getting up grabbing a beer before sitting back down and finishing the sandwich. 

"Now was that so hard?" I try to move out of his way so he can work but I trip over his foot and land in his lap on the chair and I start laughing apologizing when Letty comes and stands in the doorway and I pull my lips in my mouth to try to stop laughing. 

"Hey Dom, you want something to drink?" Letty asks and Dom lifts up his beer in response she looks at me one last time before moving away from the door. 

Dom's arm trapped me from getting up so I patted it, "I can't get up your arm is in the way."

He leaned in towards my ear and whispered, "Who said I wanted you to get up?" 

I smirk at him before turning so I was fully on his lap and lean back against him letting him continue with his work when Mia starts yelling at him to go break up a fight between Vince and blue eyes. 

"Dom, just go break it up," I say softly getting up from his lap and he stares at me for a minute before going out to break it up. I walk out there sighing when he keeps getting in his face. 

"Relax, it's not his fault," I murmur against his shoulder before pulling away and he wraps an arm around me pulling me to him so I am facing the shop. My eyes meet Letty's and she gives me a glare and I just smirk into his shoulder before looking back at Brian. 

"Brian Earl Spilner, sounds like a serial killer name is that what you are?" Dom asks. 

"Nah man," He replies and then after that I tune everything out and Dom and I walk back into the shop. As we do, I tell Dom and Mia I am going to go change for the race. I change into a  crop top that is backless and crocheted on top of and below the chest area. With some black leather highwaisted shorts with cut outs on the hips, wrapping a denim shirt around my hips with some boots that cover my knees. Using Mia's straightener I straighten my hair, and do my make up (A/N: Picture is attached)

After I finish doing that I walk back down my lips curved up in a confident smirk. My skin was covered enough to not be put in the category of a race whore but enough was showing that I wouldn't be called conservative. It's not a bad thing to be called that but I am just not that type of girl.

I had my eyes on one guy and one guy only and I was going to get him back. No matter what it took, he was always mine and he always will be. My smirk widened when I saw the boys look my way their jaws dropping as they took in my appearance. 

"Girl I didn't know your hair was so long, or your eyes were that green," Mia told me in surprise.

"The power of a straightener and make up," I tell her. 

"Don't you think it's too much?" Letty said in a cold voice and I turned to her my smirk still in tact. 

"No but even if it was, what's it to you? Boys is this too much?" I turn to the boys and all but Dom's eyes were wide and were shaking their heads rapidly. Dom had a smirk on his face and simply shook his head no his eyes raking over my body. I wink at him, "Show time boys."

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