Chapter 2

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My body carries me faster than my body can comprehend. I pull my body to pull my electric blue softball sweatshirt over my ratty mess of hair. Still in my pajamas, I run downstairs and slip on my pink and black Nikes. I don't know how I got up and where I was going, but my body was surely my guide.

My body pushes me through the screen door on my porch into the frigid morning air. To sky was still dark with the sun peaking through a bit. My body walks down the driveway like a zombie. Emotionless. I don't know what to expect.


The killers POV (after garrett killing madi)

We have to leave. Now. My legs turn to jelly at the thought of how many children we have murdered. They didn't deserve this. They aimlessly walked into the whole situation. I can't stand around and think! We're going to be arrested.

I carefully place a wooden board over the inside of the attic hatch. Not letting them find Madi might be the best thing at the time.

This all started because of that stupid envelope with the STUPID pocket watch in it. How it fit in there, I don't know. But all I know is that that watch caused my family a lot of joy and I wanted my mom to just return it to me. Little did I know my anger would get the best of me and I would end up killing her and a bunch of children.

Now, we leave.

Jessica's POV

I brought myself to the place I swore to myself was a dream. I get proven wrong when I see police and ambulances surrounding the broken building. I tell myself it was all a dream and that it was just a coincidence. Yet again, I prove myself wrong as I see the broken out window on the side of the house. I run under the yellow caution tape toward the door. Trying to go in to save my friends. But it's too late. As they push me back, I see them carrying 5 body bags. I try pushing back with my girlish strength, but nothing works. Wait. 5 body bags? Someone is still alive. I run back up to the man who had pushed me back.

"Darling,you can't be up here." He says trying to lead me back.

"But sir," I say pleading, "I was there! How did you find out about this?"


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