Chapter 3

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When you woke up again, you were sitting in Levi's lap. He must've put you there because you only liked him as a friend.

When you looked up at him, it looked like he was having a nightmare. He was holding you close, and then he let go of you.
"F/n....w-why..." Tears were streaming down his face by now.
"F-f/n?" He wasn't opening his eyes.
"'re scaring me please wake up!" You worriedly told him.
"Huh?" He sounded sleepy, but still worried. "Oh thank god you're still here." And with that he hugged you super tight.
"What time is it?" You asked. "We don't wanna be late for school tomorrow."
"Oh yeah right." He said as he wiped the tears off of his face.
"It's..." He looked at the clock. "5:30. School starts at 6:30. We got an hour."
He yawned as he sat down next to you again.
"Hey um. Levi? Can I ask you something?"
"Sure. Anything." He sleepily said.
"What was your nightmare? You seemed like you were in a pretty bad situation." Truth be told, you were really worried about him, which was weird because you didn't really like him at all.
"I'll tell you my dream tomorrow at lunch ok? Why don't you head home and get ready for school." He picked you up by the hand and lead you outside. "Be careful. Not that she would be awake at this time," he looked at a house across the street from his.
"But that's Annie's house. I don't want you to get hurt again. Be quick when you walk back home ok?" He worriedly said.
"Ok. I'll be safe, and if I'm in trouble I'll scream your name. Ok?"
"Ok. See you at school."
"See you at school!" You waved and ran off after he closed the door.

At school, everything was normal, except for you know, Eren and Jean getting mad at you.
"F/n! Why didn't you sit next to us yesterday? Who was that raven haired dude!" Jean angrily said.
"I-I he just..." You stammered.
"Don't I-I he just... Me! You should've told me if something was wrong I could've helped you you dipshit!" Jean was pissed. He wasn't thinking straight he'd never say that right?
" whatever! I never liked you anyway...HORSE FACE!" You screamed as you ran over to Levi.
Eren was screaming for you to come back because he wasn't mad at you, but that would be saved for another time.
"What the hell was that?" Levi asked.
"It's called "nobody in this world likes me, and if they do they won't for long.""
You explained in a disgusted tone.
"Anyways," you continued, trying to switch the subject. "Tell me your dream."
"Oh yeah that." He looked away.
"Do you not wanna talk about it? Do you not trust me or something?" You asked confused.
"No, I trust you. I guess there's no use in trying to keep it a secret."
"Thank you. Now tell me this dream you had." I smiled. I only smiled when I was around him for some was...weird. Maybe I just felt safe.
"Ok. So I was hanging out with you at school, and then Annie came, and she made you bleed all over the place, and before we could get the the emergency died of blood loss. The end."
When he told you the story, it was rushed, like he wasn't comfortable telling you this.
"Oh man, Levi. I'm stronger than that I would never let her do that to me and if she did I'd make sure she would end up the same way I did!" You giggled.
"Ok," he managed a smile. "I'll trust you." Then he wrapped his hand around your shoulder again.
"Wanna go out somewhere tonight?" He asked casually.
"U-um sure! That sounds great!" You were kinda surprised. What was this? Asking me out on a date or something?
"I'll come by your house when I'm ready."
"Ok see you then!"

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