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Sherlock joined the chatroom 

Sherlock - John, John? Ergh...

Sherlock added Watson 

Watson - Sherlock, I am like a meter away from you, what is it now? 

Sherlock - She keeps texting me. 

Watson - Who? *gasp* Molly? 

Sherlock - I saw and heard that.

Watson - Don't give me that dirty look. Admit it Sherlock. You are in love with Molly Hooper. She is your soul mate. 

Sherlock - Shut up John. 

Watson - I'm not saying anything. I'm typing... 

Sherlock - Oh... Hmph. Just.. argh... 

Watson - Anyway... where were you? Who is texting you? 

Sherlock - The... Woman. 

Watson - A woman? 

Sherlock - No THE Woman. 

Watson - Oh, well you two did get cosy earlier... 

Sherlock - John. What did I say? 

Watson - Shut up... Why is she texting you?

Sherlock - She is obsessed with me. Stupid woman. Sentiment. Love is a dangerous disadvantage. 

Watson - Right... And the problem is... Sherlock why are you getting up?

Sherlock - I am going to play on my violin. 

Watson - Oh. That's a new song. Nice. What's it called? 

Sherlock - The whiphand... 

Watson - Right... isn't that what the woman is called?

Sherlock - John... 

Watson - No, no! Hey my phone!!jidsjsdiojs

Sherlock - Fine... I will steal yours ha. 

Watson - Ha John. Wait my phone. Give it back. 

Sherlock - No. Give me mine or I will text Molly and tell her you want to meet for nibbles. 

Watson - At least exit the chat. I'll give it back. 

Sherlock - Fine. 

Sherlock left the chatroom

Watson - Here you go. 

- Yeh thanks. I know you can't see this but okay. Bye. 

Watson left the chatroom 


Man boys and their toys XD

Hoped you enjoyed this one. 

Also, I have a plan. You know that book? The Adventures of Sherlock and Redbeard? 

I want to post them in this book :)

Let me know in the comments below, I have a chapter ready :3


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