Chapter 2

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Sam's POV:

I'm so excited for today because Mia's coming home for the first time. The social worker is gonna bring her home since mom and dad are not gonna be home. She's gonna have to get used to their absence like me.

*9:00 a.m.*

I woke up and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and get ready for Mia's arrival. I wore my black-ripped leggings and my 5sos t-shirt. I went downstairs to eat break fast and watch TV.

*10:20 a.m.*

There was a knock on the door. I knew it was Shawn, he told me he'd come and hang out with me and mia. I opened the door for him, he hugged me and we sat and watched TV.

*20 minutes later*

There was a knock on the door again it was Mia with the social worker. She had her stuff with her and Shawn offered to help to take her stuff to her room. She liked her room and was happy she did because me and my mom decorated it. We all sat down in the dinning room and i introduced Mia and Shawn. "Shawn, this is my sister Mia. Mia, this is my friend Shawn." I said happily. "Hi Shawn, nice to meet you" Mia said. "Hi, nice to meet you too, Sam was so excited about you coming to the house and she was driving me crazy" he said smiling and laughing a little.

It was lunch time so we decided to go to Chipotle. We sat and talked as we ate. We got to know each other more and more. Mia told us about her family and how her mom and dad died in a car crash when she was 3 and how she grew up in a foster care moving from house to house. I really felt bad because she didn't deserve all that. "Now you have a family and a sister who's never gonna leave your side" i told her. She smiled and cried at the same time. We hugged each other and Shawn said "awww, sisters first hug" trying to tease us. We all laughed and kept eating our food.

*In the car*

"Do you guys wanna go to the mall?" Shawn said. "I wanna go, do you wanna go?" I asked Mia. "Yeah i guess" she said.

*In the mall*

We almost went inside every store in the mall. Shawn got a blue shirt with black lines. Mia and i got new sandals. Mia got tired of walking and suggested we go home.

Shawn drove us back home. He was 16 and got recently got his drivers license. We got home tired. "It was a fun day, hope we go out like this sometime, it was nice meeting you again" Mia said to Shawn "It was nice meeting you too, and me and Sam go out almost every day so don't worry about it" Shawn replied to her. Mia went inside the house, i was going after her when Shawn called my name. I walked back to him to see what he wanted.

"What Shawn?" I said to him. "Nothing, just wanted to say I'm so happy for you and your new sister" he said smiling and hugged me. "Thanks Shawn" i smiled back at him. "See you at school tomorrow, take care" he said as he walked off. "See you too" i said loudly so he could hear. I went to my room, changed and went to sleep.

Mia's POV:

Today was probably one of the best days in my life. I finally have a mom and dad and a lovely sister. I had so much fun today and Sam's so sweet girl I'm so happy she's my sister and her friend Shawn is really cute. He's just so nice and respects people. He's also funny, i don't know i think i kinda like him. Anyways i should go to sleep. Tomorrow is my first day going to school here and being tired in the first day isn't a good start.

Hi guys, sorry i promise i would update last night but something happened and i couldn't, but it's all good now. I don't know when the next update is gonna be but it's sometime this week. Love y'all.


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