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Jake informed us that the bridal shower and the bachelor party will be held Friday night. And because Eleanor wanted to have just a little celebration—just Jake, Arden, Ashton, Michael, Calum and I—she organized a little outing the night before. She and Ashton have been having these little sit-around-the-campfire-jam-sessions only on occasion, and this was one of them. It's held in the heart of the Queenstown Forest, where the tree house is located.

Michael, Ashton, Eleanor, and I are all in Eleanor's car on the way to the forest with Jake following behind. Eleanor told me that Michael doesn't know of this place, and it's about time that he finally visits it. I've only met Michael once before, and I think he's a badass. Partly because right now, we're bonding over bands.

"Maybe I wasn't able to meet Matty Healy, but I attended a Greenday concert once and. It. Was. Amazing," Michael says, putting emphasis on the three last words.

"You know what I would kill for?" Ashton asks no one. "To be able to attend a Metallica concert. Through The Never was pure genius. I'd be pretty fucking stoked to sit front row at that, I'm certain of that."

"The film was so creepy, though. The kid went to hell—I mean can you imagine how horrid that would be?" Eleanor adds in.

"I go to university every day, what do you mean? Aren't I in hell already?" Michael jokes, earning short series of laughs from Eleanor and Ashton. "Hey, Luke, speak up man."

Fall Out Boy concerts for the win mate.

"OH FUCK YES!" Michael exclaims while raising his fists in the air. "Their new album is complete perfection. Eleanor, play it, please."

Eleanor does as she's told and happily slides in the American Beauty/American Psycho disc in the player. The Kids Aren't Alright comes on, and Michael and I start to freak out. Michael rolls the window down and sticks half of his torso through while screaming out lyrics to the song. He's a crazy motherfucker, but I get why she's Eleanor's friend. He's exactly like her.

"I'LL BE YOURS! WHEN IT RAINS, IT POURS! STAY THIRSTY LIKE BEFORE!" Michael screams. Cars beep at him, but all he does is stick his middle finger out like the maniac he is. "ROCK AND ROLL, MOTHERFUCKERS!"

Eleanor lets out a loud laugh. "Get back in, will you? You're gonna get us pulled over."

"I CAN'T BE TAMED!" Michael screeches in response. I turn to look at him and gasp as a water bottle hits his face. It was thrown by the angry driver of the Sedan beside us. Michael grumpily gets back in the car and rolls his window up.

"Apparently, you can be tamed by a water bottle," Ashton teases with a snicker.

I chuckle soundlessly and find myself instantly liking Michael. Actually, I've had nice feelings towards him ever since that night at McDonald's. He's a really cool guy, unlike Ashton. If Ashton were to let loose like Michael, then maybe we'd get along better.

"I can't believe someone threw a water bottle at you," Eleanor says with disbelief.

"The next time you're gonna see me, bras are the ones that'll get thrown my way," he retorts cockily. "Preferably big cupped sized ones." Then, after a while, he adds, "The boob measurement system is weeeeird."

"When will they invent cock sacks?" Ashton asks out of nowhere, his voice laced with genuine curiosity. "Bras are basically boob sacks, why aren't there cock sacks? So that our erections could be tamed?"

"Oh my god, I can't believe we're talking about this again," Eleanor complains.

"I know right. That way, they won't just limp around all day," Michael adds in.

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