Chapter XVI: Missing You

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Lance dove to his bed, still feeling Andrea on every part of his body especially his lips.

Yes, they did not do anything beyond make out but dang, they just kissed, and it was the best he ever had.

Normally, Lance would confide with Simon about this kind of things, but this was different. Because Andrea was Simon's daughter. Andrea was his bestfriend's daughter.

"Argh," he groaned to his pillow.

He just blew everything!


He got up and made his way to his bathroom to retrieve some sleeping pills. He knew that he will not be able to sleep if he didn't drink some.

He woke up from a very vivid replay of the night before.

"God," he groaned as his eyes caught sight of his clock and quickly made his way to his bathroom.

"I'm damned," he shouted as cold water sprayed over his head, relieving himself the erection he got from his dream.


"Hey, Andrea," Rosa said, dragging her out of daze.

"Yeah?" she asked, whirling her chair so that she will be able to face Rosa.

"Is there something wrong?" Rosa asked with visible concern.

Andrea shook her head and smiled, "There's nothing wrong, how could you think such a thing?"

Rosa grinned smugly, "Then I guess something good happened, dare to share?" she asked as she got in Andrea's cubicle and stood against the wall where Diane's head was popping out, looking like a floating severed head.

"Huh?" was all Andrea could say with a confused look.

The two simultaneously rolled their eyes.

"Considering you've been staring at your monitor for the whole day with your fingers slightly grazing your lips like you've been bitten by some insect..."

"Or you just received the best kiss ever," Diane continued Rosa's sentence.

Andrea looked at her right hand and put it down, "Maybe it's just a habit of mine," she shrugged off.

Again, they rolled their eyes, "Really, you'll still be in denial?" the two chorused.

Andrea exhaled loudly and smiled at the two, self conciously, "Was it that obvious?" she gave in.

Rosa and Diane both gave her euphoric looks and said words that was to hard for her to decipher.

"Who's the dude?" asked Diane.

"Hey, girls, what's the matter?" Holden suddenly appeared, and Andrea's eyes suddenly widened and her cheeks burned at the sudden intrusion.

The two girls seemed to get the wrong signal, and with their knowing looks, Andrea felt embarassed.

"Nothing's the matter, Mr. McKinley," Andrea answered, not looking at him.

She can visualize him smirk sexily, but not as sexily as Lance, "Well, then, I suggest you all go back to your work," he said and his footsteps faded.

"Okay, sir," they all said and went back to work. Andrea burying her face on her hands.

Her phone buzzed and she picked it up, not even looking at the ID, "Hello,"

"Hi," Lance's voice said and she felt her heart quicken its pace, as usual.

Andrea stood up and walked away from her cubicle, receiving curious gazes from Diane and Rosa behind her.

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