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Author: this chapter is dedicated to, @Chill_out_I_Fan and @Brookearndt121 and @Awesomesam17 cause these awesome ladies (or guys) wouldn't leave me alone! :D now from chill, or Vanessa, she dares Chris -starts to crack up- to eat toenails!!! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Chris: ugh. you people!!!!

Sky: why aren't we noticed Jason?

Jason: I dunno.

Chris: ok.. -holds nose and starts-

(Five minutes later) /if you read that in sponge bobs narrator voice you are the best being on earth\

Carlo: -fanning a knocked out Chris-

Mitch: ....

Jerome: I hate my job....

Author: NEXT! we have done brooks.. so Sam's is left. Carlo and Jerome must fight, loser gets Mitch, winner gets chris. FIGHT!!

Carlo and Jerome: -fight-

(One hour later)

Jerome: YES I LOST!!! -runs to Mitch-

Carlo: -scratching ear (wolf ear)- huh? what happened?

Author: BYE

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