Sasuke x Oc - Oneshot

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Few years had passed since Shizuka left Konoha, almost as long as Sasuke had when he decided to take his path of vengeance. Everyone thought that she was dead. The day Sasuke and Naruto clashed at the Valley of the End, she interfered with their fight. Surprisingly, it didn’t kill her, but there were consequences. Ugly scars were carved into her body. Her left eye was forever to be shut, so she wore bandage over it.

They declared that she was dead since her body was missing. Though, the truth was that she retreated herself and lurked in the shadows, observing her comrades from time to time during those three years. Never making an appearance, for she thought that would scare them with her current condition.

At the moment, she was sitting below the giant roots of a tree which grew above ground. She was looking at the place that she once used to call paradise. The tree was surrounded by nature and ruins. The place was lush, the sight was breath taken. She could hear birds chirping not so far. This was a small special place which Sasuke and her found when they were still in the same squad. They used to be close friends, though Shizuka always thought of him morethan just a friend. She never had the guys to confess her feelings, but did at, what was thought, her final moments.

The falling rain from that day, she could still feel the cold stoned ground on which she laid. She could still hear those thunders roaring from the distance. She could still hear soft cries which came from her beloved friend, his begging to not to go into the light and leave his side.

She snapped out of her thoughts as she felt a presence nearby. She hid deeper in the hollow of the tree, but her emerald eyes could still see everything from the distance. She peaked to see who else could have known about that place. She expected to see a stranger, an enemy, but got the quite opposite. Out of nowhere, the familiar Raven appeared out of nowhere. Stunned, Shizuka just watched his every move. Her old friend had grown so much from when she saw him last. Growing out into a taller and more secular man. His long long-sleeved shirt, which was open at the torso, had a smaller version of the Uchiha crest on his collar. He wore dark blue pants with a blue cloth hanging from halfway up his stomach to his knees. He also wore a purple rope belt around his waist, tied in a bow, in which he carried his sword.

He was expressionless, but at some point, a hint of sadness was shown in his eyes. He then closed his onyx orbs and relaxed as wind clashed against his face.

Wanting to see him clearly, Shizuka moved and accidently stepped on a tree branch. Hearing this, Sasuke with high speed took out his katana and pointed at the hollowed space of the tree.

“Show yourself.” He commanded in a monotone voice.

Not wanting for him to recognize her, she decided to run. She dashed out of the hollow into the sunlight and moved her course towards the woods. However she couldn’t  make it in time. Sasuke dashed towards her and brought out his katana. Before he was able to strike her, Shizuka took out her own katana and blocked the attack. Sasuke didn’t stop to look at the girl, just kept attacking and attacking, without any mercy. After a short while, he managed to cut Shizuka's arm which wielded her katana. The emerald eyed girl dropped her sword and held the wounded arm.

Sasuke pointed his weapon at her. "Who are you?" His cold voice sent chills down her spine.

Her gaze was focused on him now. She only smiled, not showing any fear for she thought it was not needed. "If you thought carefully, you would be able to answer that question on your own."

"Enough of the games, tell me or I you will be eliminated."

Shizuka looked at him once again and gave him one of her infamous smiles. "Have I been already forgotten, Sasu-chan?" She asked, using the old nickname which only she used to call him.